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How do folders get there model number???

Mar 19, 1999
for example, C36, BM800, 710, 905, and all the other hundreds of folders out there, in what way do these companies choose there model numbers. Why doesn't benchmade call the AFCK the model 1, or 1A, i dont know.....
This is normally done by marketing departments. There's actually a riding lawnmower called the LAWN STUD 3000 out there! Otherwise, I figure distributors agree on this for ease of cataloging and shipping. I'm just guessing, though.
Having just gone through the process, I can attest that naming a new knife is one of the more creative challenges that a knife company has. You have to come up with a catchy name or model number that would fit your knife as well as your company's corporate identity.

Then you have to do your homework and make sure that it hasn't been taken before so you don't step on any toes and receive any calls or letters from some itrate lawyer (no disrespect intended to the legal profession).

By the way, the name "SYNERGY" (tm) came to me when I do my most important thinking, in the morning shower.

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