How do you decide?

Oct 25, 1998
How does everyone decide what knife or knives to carry? And is it o.k. to carry three knives?


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I don't have too many knives to choose from, so my decisions are pretty easy in the choice section. As far as carrying multiple knives, my rule is as long as they do not klink against eachother, and my pants stay up, I am okay.



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Personally, it depends on the situation or environment I know I'm entering later. It's almost always 2, a large/medium or medium/small combo, and if I know ahead of time that It might be more comfortable mentally to carry a 3rd I don't hesitate.
One point Yekim made about pants staying up is true. In general, when to draw the limit is probably when normal movement becomes cumbersome/awkward. But then again it's not that unusual for people to have klinking pockets on pants that hang down to the butt in some crowds these days

Carry as many knives as you feel comfortable carring. I have 3 on me right now. I don't even know they are there. Now if for some reason I don't have them in my pockets I feel weird. They are on the smaller side for knives so I don't really notice them.(All blades under 3 1/2")
One factor in my daily knife choice is the color of my pants. If I wear a light colored pair, I use a knife with a silver clip. If I wear a dark color, I carry a knife with a black clip. I know this sounds stupid but I like to keep the knife as low key as possible.

I often carry more than one knife. I try to make sure they're as undetectable as possible.
One of them - usually a small `gents knife' - is a potential user if something (rare) comes up..
The others are for self defense purposes only and are usually small fixed blades.
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My daily carry is based purely on need. I almost always carry at least 3 knives. One is a small SAK - it doesn't scare anyone, but really gets a lot of practical use opening letters, boxes and other things. Two is a keychain knife, which is a little larger, but which also has a very low scare factor - and get some use opening things. Three is a larger folder which will open almost anything I want it to - it doesn't get pulled unless I run into a really big box!

On those rare occasions when I might need to travel in a less-than-safe area, I carry my Civilian in addition to the other three.

This is really about all I can carry without worrying about my trousers staying up. Some of the guys on the forum amaze me in how much and what they carry.
Like Frank I also dress for work (government office) with trying to be as inconspicuous as
possible. Now on weekends and afterwork it depends on what I am doing.

Sure 3 knives is O.K.

I usually carry a multi-tool and a folder daily. I decide on which folder by the clothes I'm wearing or how I am travelling.

Travelling by vechical, smaller folder with strongest possible lock RETAK tanto in case I need to pry my way out of an accident.

Cycling, lightweight knife: Goddard lightweight or AFCK. I would take the Goddard over the AFCK if the lockwork was stronger.

I always carry my multitool and one folder on me at all times...just because the multitool is too useful and the folder may come in handy for things my multitool can't do.

I usually carry a third nearby (in my backpack), but I rarely take it I won't think your carrying 3 knives is weird...though my brother asks me how many I carry every time I see him. He finds it amusing, but I think I'm beginning to get him hooked too.
I kinda cycle between knives, and up until recently have carried as many as 3 knives at a time. As for how to make a decision as to what to carry? Well, go to a knife show/store and start picking up pieces. If it feels good, you like how it looks, and it will take on the tasks you're likely to face (and give a good account in others), then put down your money.
I used to only carry one until I started reading these forums and newsgroups. Now I carry two and sometimes three. Removes the problem of what to do with the old knife when the new kid on the block comes along. You just rotate it to another pocket. They get carried longer that way before being regulated to drawer status.