How do you say? Ah yes....Busse Mean Street


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Oct 14, 1998
This is the old A2 style model. Pics at


This is my first experience with Busse, last year at this time I pondered getting a Rookie/Recruit but again the waiting period.

Okay, the knife feels pretty smooth and is slightly smaller than the Spyderco Moran and Endura. It's 1/4" thick with black ceramic coating on the blade only. The coating on this knife was rough but well done and not as porous as the TOPS Street Scalpel.

Rather light and well balanced, the smooth green micarta scaled handle feels best in the saber and ice pick edge forward grip. I have medium hands and it fits rather nicely. However, there is no thumb ramp and the overall smooth feel might not appeal to all. I don't think it would hurt much.

Cutting up the box it came in was fairly easy, stabbing into it was effortless as well. Again the thickness effects cutting especially paper. I'd compare sharpness to a plain Endura.

The sheath is decent not too thin or thick, the belt loop made for a web/duty belt really. The Talon lock is okay, I'd like it tighter and will get another sheath. Resheathing can be a bit trick and the six rivet holes provide nearly endless tie down options.

Looking over the posts, I must agree this has the makings of a good neck knife sans the micarta unless you really are big.

My previous TOPS Street Scalpel is a decent competitor to this piece. If both used the same grind and coating process, Busse would be in trouble.

This piece is good for those who need to pry and penetrate objects outdoors particulary in the cold.

If INFI is as good as they say, I'd be tempted to get another Mean Street and try to get a Steel Heart and Badger Attack.

Addendum: the 'weep' hole is BEHIND the sheath, toward the user's leg.

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Hello!! I also have an A2 Mean Street; it was my first 'custom/handmade' knife, and I've abused it in the three and a half years I've owned it. It once slipped from my hand during practice and flew point first into the hard concrete basement floor. Chips of cement scattered everywhere...but no damage to the knife! Since then I've added a lanyard

I also accidentally left the knife out in the street during last years blizzard, for almost two nights. Tons of snow, sub zero temps, and killer road salt...and still no damage!

Last summer in Florida, I used the Mean Street to cut cord, cardboard, etc. to help prepare for the hurricane, and left the knife outside. Despite the humidity and rain, there was no rust. In Ohio, I used the Mean Street to help change a flat tire!

And the crazy thing is, I've only had to sharpen the damn thing ONCE. Weird, huh?

As far as using the MS for a neck knife, for me, it's way too heavy.
When I ordered the knife from Mr. Busse, the sheath that came with the MS was an Eagle Industries belt sheath. I requested an IWB Kydex sheath, and for a small fee, got an excellent companion for my MS. Right now, the knife is keeping my wife company under her pillow. At least I know it won't rust there!
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MrG, I haven't tried chopping or touching up with the Sharpmaker. I'm starting to hate the sheath as the blade is starting to cut into it.

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Well, my next review will be of a knife you can wear closely, in the Band of your Pants.
I have an INFI Mean Street and find the sheath to be a disappointment. I like Doziers sheaths much better. For a knife of this price and for the delay it took to get it, I expected a better sheath. When I first got the knife the sheath did not hold the knife very well. I had to use my heat gun to touch up the sheath so that the knife would not fall out if held inverted. The knife itself is fine, but as expected is somewhat thick. The edge is sharp but for general slicing and cutting I prefer my Dozier professional guide knife.

Dan, how is INFI?

The sheath is a weak point, the sharpness is decent for a knife this thick.