How do you say..ah yes...Busse Police Recruit


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Oct 14, 1998
Yes Virginia...there is a Police Recruit.

This is the old A2 version which can be seen at

This is a big man's neck knife, the pictures at the site do not do justice to the Mean Street and Recruit. The ceramic coating envelopes the entire piece which is slightly thicker than my A2 Mean Street sheath. Cutting performance is similar as well, decent for a 1/4" thick knife. The drilled holes are nearly 1/2" wide.

The strong points are it's stout blade which is comparable to a Spyderco Moran and it's grip due to the height of the handle and the finger grooves which really treats my pink comfortably. The sheath is a bit flimsy, made for a duty/web belt and can be worn only one way. I'm hoping Busse sheaths are better now than they were before.

Hammer grip, forehand grip, and ice pick grip are all comfortable. This knife really lends itself to short punching snap cuts and short hacks. I don't think my sweat would adversely effect the ceramic coating and cord wrap is an option but I don't think much of an improvement. It would be a good neck knife for a large man but a better knife in a rig like the JSP Spinal Back Up series.

As I see it, it's a good all around utility knife. However, there are many other competitive blades this size. In fact, the Livesay Bow Hunting Buddy and Bob Dozier Neck knife offer a very similar package.
The only possible edge the Recruit, particularly the new model, would be because of the INFI steel and perhaps the grind.

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