How do you sharpen a Busse?

Jul 26, 1999
With the different grinds on either side of the blade, is there a special way that the blade must be sharpened?

I think I read Mike Turber saying that you were supposed to sharpen the flat part of the edge.... I wouldnt worry about it though, as the "convex" side WILL wear away eventually, so personally I think it would be a good idea to sharpen both sides and save yourself some trouble restablishing the edge later on...
You're right Yoda. I'm not a one-eared listener anyways... But I'd rather have some professional input before I start screwing things my way!
The logic and metallurgy are way over my head.
Thanks for the light. I think that the first thing I'll do is deliberately scratch it so I won't be worried about it anymore and can feel free to use it at will instead of keeping it like a virgin daughter. Yard plants beware! I wish I would of had it Tuesday when a 12" papaya was in my way. Woulda been a nice break-in.


It'll be interesting to hear various reports on how people do this. Joe Talmadge may have to write another chapter to cover sharpening the Busse! I'm sure there will be some creative techniques.

Here's the way Busse recommends in an insert included with each knife:
"Sharpening is as simple as 'stropping' the triangular backslash on the left side of the blade against a ceramic stick by pulling away from the edge. Only under severe edge deformation will you need to strop the convex edge on the right side of the blade."

There'll be a diagram in the box, too.

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I would not be so quick to remove the convex bevel. The Busse knives in general seem to be suited for heavy use and a convex bevel is best for that. The dual grind seems to be a great way to get some strength (convex part) while still retain easy sharpening (straight part).

In talking with Dave at Busse last night, he mentioned that they were just at another show where they were going to attempt 3000 cuts with the #9. The tape ran out, again! They're planning to try again, but Dave said they would definitely make sure the camcorder is setup for long/extended play.

I guess as long as you make knives as good as they do, you don't need to worry about programming vcr's and such!!! LOL


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