How many female knife nuts?

Mar 25, 1999
The reason I ask because I was discussing whether a knife is a masculine thingy or not. I do believe knives are tools, either for utilities or self defense, and it shouldn't be decided upon someone's sex. I'd be interested on how many members of BF are female. What's your everyday knife/knives? Liner locks or lockbacks? Folders or fixed blades? Do you carry knives everyday? How big a knife would you consider 'big enough?' How much would you spend on a knife? The most important question is: why do you carry knives?

Alright, too many questions already. Elaborate me.

Almost forgot,

Guys, any of you have a knife nuts wife/girlfriend? Mine don't do knives (sniff...)
I'm a knife nut and the wife of a knifemaker. I started being interested in knives, though, many years ago when taking Tai Chi from my husband, Sean. When he started making them, I really got interested and we discussed various self defense uses, etc. I carry the Perkins Kerver Antiqua and the Perkins Praecisio III, both fixed blade pocket knives. And yes, I carry them every day. I use them for every task imaginable, but mostly for opening packages, boxes, and mail. Ultimately, I carry it for all around utility and self defense, if necessary.

Jane Perkins
Hey, Jane! I didn't know you guys were into Tai Chi. I did it for a while, but the lessons weren't frequent enough for my tastes, and with a schedule that changes every three and a half months due to school it was tough to stick with it. I was surprised to see you carry both an Antiqua and a Praecisio. I was just telling Larry in KY, who incidentally is the recipient of my free Kydex sheath (turned out really well, I think, so see his review next week!) that the ultimate setup would be an Antiqua or Novare with a Praecisio in a piggyback sheath. Hw do you carry yours?

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I think that I would fit the description of a "female knife nut," although I tend to think of myself as just another person into knives.

To answer some of your questions, I have quite a few knives, some I carry more than others. A custom handled, BM Mini AFCK with file work and micarta scales, a Spyderco Mini micarta Calypso, a Spyderco Rookie and little Police necklace knife, a Spyderco 3/4 Jess Horn with white micarta scales, 2 BM Lepard Cubs, a Spyderco G-10 Harpy, a Spyderco Al Cricket, a BM Pardue 350, a 6 inch Katz Alley Cat, and a mini Smith and Wesson Swat. I would like to pick up a Viele as well, but the wallet is a little thin.

Personally, I prefer blade holes to thumb studs, and I can't stand thumb discs. I would also rather a liner lock to a lock back, but most Spydies don't come that way so I deal.

Most of my knives do not see very heavy use, although my Cricket needs to return to Spyderco to see the serration doctor. The mini Swat sees the most use at work, but the others will get used when I carry them and need to cut stuff (or just create an opportunity to cut stuff). I use my Harpy as a self defense knife, so it doesn't see much day to day use.

As far as price, if a knife fits my hand, I will probably get it. I may not pay over $200 for a custom piece because there are enough good production knives out there. I am also dating a custom knife maker so if I ever do need a custom knife I could just ask.

The size of a blade really does not matter to me as long as I can handle the knife comfortably. This is hard because I have very small hands. I hold my Rookie the same way that my boyfriend holds his Police model, for example. If the knife fits well, I will carry it, blade size is really not as important as fit.

I carry everyday because I enjoy it. I enjoy the beauty and function of the blades I carry.


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Nice to hear from you Jane. I was just thinking about the Kerver this morning, nice...

I am also dating a custom knife maker so if I ever do need a custom knife I could just ask.
Sandy, that's cheating!!

If the knife fits well, I will carry it, blade size is really not as important as fit.
Very well said. The balance between function and fit is always there. I sometimes sacrifice fit when I know I'll need a certain (usually bigger) knives. Mostly because I couldn't find or afford a nicely balanced knife.
As it is, I do not know one female who admires knives anywhere near as much as I do. Or at least I don't know a female who admires knives enough to be called a knife nut. In my world, a '' female knife nut" does not exist. Sometimes I get a little teary eyed thinkin about it- just kidding!

Didn't we just have this discussion? Lol
"Knife Knut"...pretty sure that was a prerequisite on the job description for Spyderco.
I have several Spydercos, a Cuda, a Covert, a wonderful fixed blade sent to me by a forumite (Gosh Corduroy, you're keen)a KISS, and a cool little multitool with a flashlight on it...(Gerber? I can't remember, my son finangled it and I haven't seen it since)

I am actually more of a gun person, (just got a little Colt 380 for my b'day) but have really gotten into knives more and more. My best friend Karen always had the attitude of "oooh scaarryy" when I would snap open a knife...then time after time she'd borrow it...I finally had to give her one...and she loves it.

Guess it comes out even, when my friends yawn when I show them a new knife, and I yawn back looking at their new Beanie Babies. Ack..I hate those things....
Danelle! Of course... You (almost) don't count
. Let's see..., so far there are 3 now. And there's always Donna.

Well..i must say i'm lucky. My gf is a semi-knife nut...marvels over my collection (small as it is), drooling and rubbing her hands together
...she isn't nearly as in to them as i but i hope to change that in time.

"I wouldn't mind you being inside my head if you weren't clearly so crazy."
I'm working on my wife without a high degree of success. Starting to think this is one of those things you can't force. I gave her a Benchmade Mini-Stryker to carry in her Jeep that I thought she'd like better than a Gerber Applegate I gave her two years ago. She's so tiny and that thing's like a sword; I thought the BM would fit her hand better. As it turns out she's abandoned the BM for the Gerber again.

"Sandra" asked me to post when I pointed out that she has left a few things out of her list, most notably a small linerlock and a 4" hideout knife that I made. The folder is a very tiny thing with 440C and ivory micarta scales, and was one of my first (and few) linerlocks. The hideout knife is a utilitarian piece in ATS-34 and black linen micarta, with a Kydex boot sheath. Like the knives that some of my friends have (and the ones I still own), these were "experiments" or pieces that I didn't care to sell for one reason or another, so I gave them as gifts.

I also did the work on her Mini AFCK, to match mine. One of her cubs was nice enough to serve in my earliest Benchmade experiment, where I learned that Dymondwood cannot hold threads. It has its original scales back, but maybe some day she'll let me at it again...

She's a real knife nut, fellas, and I'm one lucky guy


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)

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