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How many knives do you own, grand total in dollars?

Jun 29, 1999
Just curious, How many knives do you own, which do you carry, and what is the grand total that you have spent on all of your knives?

Oh yeah,

I personally own 324 knives and swords, I regularly carry an Emerson cqc-6, BM AFCombat!K, BM Stryker, Spyderco police, BM Nimravus, CS Kobun, and Elishwitz custom.

My grand total is @ $9,000 (luckily, I didn't buy alot of my colletion, it was willed to me.)

Let's see...I'd say between 12-15 knives. Several are customs and I have a few that are kit knives, so are worth much more than what I paid. Estimated amount spent? Under $400. Money very well spent, and I've made some good trades and a few custom makers have been REALLY, really good to me. My regular carry is either a Sean Perkins Seraph or a Sean Perkins Scaetha. Since I got these two knives a couple months ago I haven't carried anything else! I feel sorry for my Endura and Calypso, but they still seem pretty happy spening time at home.

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I'll not give specifics(I'm a little paranoid) but purchases in the range of $500, and current value(replacement, not liquidation) near $700.

Don't forget to pay your taxes...they eventually become my knives:)

Worth more than my old Suburban and less than my Maxima.... But with more knives being added and more miles piling up on that black nissan, the crossover is coming.

Dances with lemmings

Lets just say if I sold my collection I would be able to pay my oldest daughters college education off.Luckily I don't have to.
I've actually been putting together a spreadsheet, with all my knives and the *original*, not current, value. Adding in the thousand I just spent at the Knifemakers show....., sum function shows nearly $15,000. Geez!
Oh, I'd have to say somewhere around $50,000.....

I don't believe in burgular systems, and my address is...

"All of our knives open with one hand, in case you're busy with the other"
what was that address again???

Just kidding. My wife "suggested" that I should keep a full register of all my knives. After I completed it, with all receipts, invoices, and trade papers included, she promptly "investigated".

I still don't have enough knives.....
Carry Phill Hartsfield keychain knife.USP Compact in 40, swiss army in car. Have too many knives to count, in safe deposit at bank over 2ook in knives. Usually carry Sebenza (lefty). For Sunday go to meetin clothes like to carry my solid Gold Jim Martin Warncliffe blade, fully engrved frame, gold bail inset w/diamonds.

I own about 50 knives, for which I paid about $10k. I have sold and traded another couple thousand dollars worth.

I am currently carrying mostly the following:

Darrel Ralph large Apogee
Crawford Carnivore
Benchmade 710 Axis Lock
One of several custom David Boye lockbacks
David Boye Custom Drop-point hunter
Mad Dog Lab Rat

Occasionally I carry one of these instead:
Darrel Ralph Krait
JW Smith Model 2P
M-2 Mini AFCK
Wood/Irie Model B
Gerber Covert
Black Cloud Knives Sharktooth

Funny, but it doesn't seem like I have about 30 knives that I could just get rid of.

I own about.. 1 knife. A benchmade AFCK. I'm only 16, money doesn't come easily for me.

I own close to one hundred folding knives, most of them were bought at tag sales for the sole purpose of cleaning them up and giving them a good home, where they will be appreciated and taken care of. Most of the knives I have bought new are from Victorinox, and then Benchmade, followed by some other assorted companies (Spyderco and Kershaw, Case and others). I would say I have spent less then five hundred dollars on them all, but exclusive to knives I have bought breand new... I would say I have spent close to three hundred dollars. The knives I carry on my person are simple; A benchmade 830s and a Victorinox Pioneer (red metal handled non-locking folder, you know what I am talking about I am sure).


Robert Joseph Ansbro

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$7.00 worth. Stay out of my house!


Ever notice no other candy tastes quite like Pez? Oh yeah, and the BM Axis rules.

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Well I have 37 knives and the total value is about 1650 dollars on the low end. Not bad for a 14 thats only been collecting for 2 1/2 years and that his parents only bought him two knives.
I quit counting after 100. Sooo I'd have to say apprx. 130-140 right now. Cost >$7000.00.
60% folders, 39% fixed blades and 1% push knives. Currently I carry a Carnivour and a BM Axis. But I frequently trade off between the Military, BM AFCK, Pinnacle, CRKT M16-04, CS Scimitar and various other BM's, Voyagers and Spydies. When I'm on walkabout I usually carry one of my own fixed blade creations. Differentially tempered file knife or my D-2 trekking knife (6 1/2" spear pointed blade G-10 handled in a heavy leather pouch type sheath).

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Including the $10,000 I spent at the Guild Show????

Generally, around $75,000 and $100,000 are in the vault!

This of course does not include the 2 million plus I have spent over the last 12 years. They were right, this really is addictive.

Yes, I do have a safe, burglar alarm, several firearms and if all else fails, my killer Cocker Spaniel....Buddy!

Whoever mentioned it first was correct. Make sure you have a accurate list of what you have, what you paid for it and what the replacement value is.

Photo's, receipts and/or professional apprasials will be required by your insurance company.

Don't forget about your will either. Make sure your wife or loved ones can get to your information. While there is nothing I like better than a widow calling me up and asking me if I would give her a couple thousand for here husband's collection. I know those knife collectors are spinning in their grave.

Seriously, document and authenticate all of your knives. You'll be glad you did.

Les Robertson
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