How many of you have a Sebenza

Feb 9, 1999
I see alot of posts on Sebenza' how many of you have them? Wonder if we can break one hundred...I have an old large ats34. Also an older 1995, small one with a ground down tip
my wife has....I'm lookin to get a new small one soon!!!can't wait
..wheres my wife??? Its a surprise for me....
Gonna beg forgiveness..instead of ask permission....AHAHAHA
#1 here!
Large plain BG42 (born Oct 26, 1998)

Gotta love that knife!!!!!

God bless!

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Baby 'benza here! Born.... hmmm, sometime in '98. I'm too lazy to go dig out that card.


Deo Vindice

I have a large about two months old I bought because I wanted a user. I ordered a large decorated with a blued Damascus blade, and a star sapphire that I'm still waiting for. These things take time.

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I have both large and small Sebenzas. I also have an Umfaan.
All were born last year.
The Sebenzas both have the plain finish, and the Umfaan HAD the polished zig-zag finish.
I sent all three to the Reeves for engraving, and had the Unfaan's scales changed from zig-zag to plain.
Now, all three look like a "family". The same engraving is on each, but in proportion to the size.
These knives are my pride and joy. I can't seem to put them down. I'd let all my other knives go (including my Socom D/A and Cheyenne...gulp!) to keep the Reeves' trio.
I carry the Umfaan daily. It brings me luck

Large,daily carry 4 years old
Umfaan,1 year lod and daily carry along with my CQC6.
Large Decorated (bg-42)
Small Plain (bg-42, needs engraving)
Umfaan (blue circles design, 1 of 40, bg-42)
Small Plain on the way (ats-34, #170 of 200)
Large Plain (with engraving) on order
Small Decorated on order
Umfaan (plain handles, with engraving) on order

And there is a small for sale that I might pick up for my brother.

Have I gone too far?

Got Three:
A Large LDC-9 keeper, a Large keeper, and a Large user that is carried almost daily. Best folder for the money. Every KnifeKnut needs a 'Benza!

Long live Bladeforums!


Got Three:
A Large LDC-9 keeper, a Large keeper, and a Large user that is carried almost daily. Best folder for the money. Every KnifeKnut needs a 'Benza!

Long live Bladeforums!


recently acquired a plain large sebenza. BG-42 blade. i paid a little too much for a preowned one, but i don't regret it! it was worth it to get to check it out before buying. it was born on september 26, 1997. definitely the best folder i have ever owned. i can't wait to get my maddog lab rat to complement my sebenza!

I have the Zulu Trio and an extra Sebenza for daily use. Dang, I am waiting for a Lab Rat too...
Have a large plain & a large fancy (decorated w/ damascus blade). Seriously considering a small or umfaan. Can't decide which... I know Fish - get both right?

I have a large left-handed Sebenza in BG-42.
Carry it or my medium Carson Model 4 w/440V daily. I love them both.

Thinking about a decorated Umfaan.

Just got my first Sebenza. Large BG 42
Very nice.

"Walk softly and carry a big stick"...TR

I own 4 small Sebenzas and 1 Umfaan.

1.Blued Damascus blade
3.Regular Damascus blade
4.Plain user
5.Decorated Umfaan
I've got to add my .02 worth! One large plain and one large decorated. Both have born-on dates from earlier this year, and they're better than any kinda' skunk beer.

1 Large BG-42 Sebenza with my name engraved and the CR Sheath in black. Born Feb 99. Pocket clip and fob are taken off and I usually use my custom horizontal G2 sheath made by fellow BF member Gary Graely


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