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How Much Wegner Hangs Over Your Waistline

Jan 3, 1999
Looking at getting a large Spyderco Wegner, but as usual I have never seen one. How much hangs over the waistline? Any other comments or diminsions (width, ect..) would be appreciated. Also under consideration is a Military or Endura. I'm leaning towards the Wegner for ease of carry over the Military. This was posted in the Spyderco forum, but this forum gets more traffic.
Dino, the Wegner shows exactly 1" when tucked in the pants waistline. I don' t wear any of my folders there as they are not as quick to the draw and open as when they are carried clipped in my front pocket. My fixed blades housed in kydex are my choice for IWB carry. But I digress.
You won' t be sorry if you decide on the Wegner as it is my all around favorite liner lock folder.
Also, its price have dropped a nice amount in the past year.


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