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How old is your oldest knife i.e., how long have you had it?

Apr 18, 1999
In my case, I still have the Schrade Walden "Bowie Hunter" my parents bought for me when I entered the Boy Scouts about 44 years ago.
I remember returning home from my first scout weekend camping trip. I had about a dozen bandaids on my nearly dismembered hands from trying to whittle a canoe from balsa wood.
My oldest knife is a Buck 110 that I purchased on Times Square in 1978. It's been a bit mistreated in its day, and now has the blade profile of a filet knife, and can be snapped open almost as easy as the average liner lock.
My oldest knife is a 26 year old Buck 120. I was 15 at the time (don't add that up), I did alot of camping and I was a big fan of Edgar Rice Burroughs "Tarzan", so I wanted the BIGGEST hunting knife I could find. My Mom thought I wanted it to chop down Cannabis plants. Unfortunately, I never found any. I've had to replace the sheath, the pommel's a little beat up, but the blade is in excellent condition.

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My oldest knife is dated 1947. It was made for a local department store promotion in (I think) New Castle, Pennsylvania. (It has the name of the store and date of manufacture on the handle) My Grandfather carried it for years and then I got it when he passed away. It is absolutely unique in it's construction and operation. I once left it on my desk overnight and was a nervous wreck until I had it back in hand in the morning. Since then, it's been in my case. I love that old knife. Everytime I handle it, I see my Grandpa using it to peel an apple or trimming his nails.

Chris Canis
It is a Scout knife in my case also. A 40ish Cub Scout knife I still have. I guess knifes start early if you are lucky.(?)

My oldest knife is a French bayonet which was made in 1878. I have had it for about a year now.
I really have to read more closely....
Thought the question referred to how long one had owned a knife...
The oldest knife I have is a rolling block bayonet. I think I also have some WWI bayonets.... bought these about 5 years ago.
(Personally, I think that my first post was more interesting, even though it lacked relevance... but I have a lotta time on my hands, so what the duck!
My oldest knife is older than me so it was made before 1965. It is a fixed blade with scrimshawed ivory handle. 8.75" OA 4.75" Blade. The only marking on the blade is "AWUS SOLINGEN AUSTFREI GERMANY" The scrimshaw design is a polar bear with a seal kill on an ice flow.

I've had it before I was born because my dad bought it for me after I was conceived. Does that make sense?

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I've got a Japanese hunting knife that I bought with paper route money about 40 years ago. I've got a two-bladed red bolstered pen knife that I've had a bit longer. In terms of knife age I've got several WWI trench knives with spiked hand guards. I own a couple dozen military knives of WWI and WWII vintage.
The oldest knife I have is a Boy Scout knife by Camillus, it was made in the 1940's. So it's arround 60 years old.
My oldest knife is an awesome mint condition Kershaw trooper with a DOB of December 1979. I have only had it for a few weeks, but is by far my favorite that I own.

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All the knives in the world go round and round, round and round, round and round...DAMN, one of them took my wallet !!! :)

I have a German hunting dagger that Dad gave me, he brought it back from Sweden when he was twelve (he is sixty five?) and it was old when he got it. It is in good shape today, waiting for a hunt. Handle of old bone, pommel of a lion's head carved relief, blade has long blood grooves, a friend who knows of such htings tels me that at some point it was probably six inches longer...

I also have an old camp knife of his from the same trip, sheath needs serious work, but not a priority.

10 years or around there, Gerber Tac II I got before I joined the Military.


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Mine would be my Buck 112. I bought it the first day that I skipped a day in high school and went to the bank and hit the savings account for my money earned on my paper route. My parents didn't know that I had bought it until three years later when I mistakenly offered it to my dad to cut something.

To this day, I am still sneaking money out of my bank account to buy knives and not telling my wife!
Old habits never die.

I still have the old Ranger with the broken tip. It is now 26 years old.

Great knife.


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Well, I own a WWI German Bayonet, rather run of the mill without a whole bunch of collector's value. I've also got a SAK that's 20 years old, but my first sheath knife is my favorite. Twelve years ago I got a BlackJack Anaconda II bowie with a 10" blade. I've hacked down many trees, limbed many deer, and resharpened it repeatedly. The sucker's hair poppin' sharp. Jeez, I love that knife.

My longest owned knife would be the Camillus Mark 1 that I bought in 69 at a surplus store. Second would be the Randall Model 8 that I've had since 87. There were Bucks and Spydercos I had back then, but I gave them to friends or my sons as I acquired newer models.
I have a couple of knives I have had since I was little. I have a Nazi SS officers dagger, in near mint condition, that my dad got in Germany during the war. And my uncle gave me a Gurkha, that he got while serving with the Flying Tigers in China. He was just a mechanic, but I have a picture of him standing next to General Chenault with the knife on his side. I also have an Italian Stilleto "SwitchBlade" my dad gave me that he bought in NY in 1939 or 40. I got all these around 10 years old, but don't remember which was first. I do remember my uncle showing me how to cut pennies in half with the Ghurka!
My oldest is probably somewhere between 100 and 200 years old.
It is a 13 Luk (waves) Malayasian Keris. I have had it for about 22 years.I have reason to beleive it is one made from the meteorite iron with nickel.

I paid $22.50 for it at an antique store and no.I didn't kiss the owner when I left with it.


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USMC issue K-Bar by Camillus from 1965. Served me through 2 tours in SouthEast Asia and many times since. Been through a couple of sheaths but blade and all else still in great shape. Still the best outdoor/survival knife I have found.
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My oldest knife is a fixed blade hunting/camping knife my Dad made when he was a boy (in the mid-40's). Besides the obvious sentimental value, it's really a wonderful tool (even processed my first deer with it as a lad).

I also have the first knide my parents gave me (1969)... a somewhat abused but still functional Barlow.