How should i carry my Neck Knife where i live.

Mar 19, 1999
hello again people, i have a WOO neck knife from Newt Livesay, it has a 3in. tanto blade, i live in valley stream NY, i know people always say to carry a neck knife under your shirt, but isnt that illegal, thats concealment of a weapon isnt it. I used to carry my neck knife in the open where everyone can see, but boy oh boy what looks you get from people. How should i carry my knife.
I was searching NY laws (I live in NYC) and couldn't find anything at all against a concealed knife. What I did find was a law stating that you could not carry a knife UNCONCEALED in NY state. I just looked for the text of the law, and it doesn't seem to be where I found it last time, this is kinda disturbing. I'll keep looking. All I can find now is a law that hasn't passed yet stating that all knives longer than 4" are illegal.

I believe carrying any fixed other than hunting or outdoors activity is a no-no....
Any length is ok just as long as it folds
I dont know about the CITY though.....