How well does Busse INFI perform as far as corrosion resistance?

Aug 24, 1999
I have read all the hype about the great performance of INFI and seen the pictures of the testing, but I have not seen any information on how well it resists corrosion. Anybody seen anything?
I read somewhere [can't remember where] that moderate exposure to moisture will result in rust but it could be rubbed off with a fingernail. Pretty meaningless, but encouraging, compared to what tends to happen to the CS TM in carbon V. I too would like to see a more scientific test. If my BM ever arrives, I'll be able to post first hand results
Most of the line has the black powder coated blades which aid in rust resistance. You will need to take additional care with the satin finish blades.

Tuff cloth will be a very good idea!

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