Hubertus coil auto knife Z-2000

Oct 28, 1998
I just received my Hubertus Z-2000, the first coil spring operated auto from that company. Paid less than $100 for it. It has Zytel handles with a nice "grabby" feel and a partially serrated blade. It works very nice for what it cost me. It's light and has an easy to remove/install pocket clip, also made from Zttel. If you want an inexpensive, light auto, check this out. It's nice to have an auto you can carry around without worry; you're not out a small fortune if it drops to the ground during a foot chase. For the money it is a "must buy" in my book. I think I'll order a few more for Christmas presents.


Thought Hubetus was only about `traditional' technology & didn't know they made a coil spring knife.
Lately, I've been into modern, hi-tech type
knives and I'd love to see what this one looks like.
Would appreciate the name of a web site where I could see a picture. Thanks...
<a href=""><img src="" border=0>

I hope all work
Thanks Martin;
Wonderfull that you can show us a picture
like that!
The knife isn't bad neither..
But I still love the traditional Hubertus.
Like my special pearl handled damascus!

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