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Hurricane Floyd

Oct 4, 1998
There are lots of well-known Knifemakers and their customers in Florida very nervous tonight.

One of the biggest storms to hit the US is bearing down on us...Hurricane Floyd.

Landfall could be between Miami and Daytona...with Vero Beach almost Ground Zero.

North Florida, Georgia and the entire Eastern Seaboard could be next.

We'd appreciate your prayers as we prepare our homes, and wonder what the new dawn will bring!
Thoughts and prayers are with you for the saftey of you and yours.
The last info shows that it will turn a bit. But it still leaves us in a path which will directly effect us. Thanks for your thoughts.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
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Been watching it on the Weather Channel. Hope everyone comes out of it ok, and while I hope that property damage is minimal like you say it's a big one. The Guard and such are already being mobilized in some areas, I guess a lesson learned from Andrew.
I just completed the boarding up of my house and secured all my farm animals, were going to ride this one out ! I hope everyone else that is in my neck of the woods comes out of this one unscaved as well. Good luck fellow floridians and anyone else that is in this path of distruction, Mike k.
Good luck and my best wishes. M&M I live in tornado alley so hang in there. My thoughts are with you

Drac Noroc

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I wish you all the best...please let us know how you are as soon as you can.

You're all in my thoughts and prayers.


Hopefully it'll actually make that turn to the north fairly soon. I haven't seen much of any deviation from that slighly-north-of-west motion that it's had all day. Here in Gainesville we should only see tropical storm force winds, with possible higher gusts, but it's still not something I look forward to. Good luck to you guys on the coast

JP Bullivant
It'll turn North, minimal damage. Have faith. Guess it's easy for me to say way up here in New hampshire...
How many people are in Florida exactly up here?
Cautiously optimistic (with a full tank of gas) in Key Biscayne.


Live Free or Die

Here in Palm Beach County the winds are picking up but little rain yet. I hope that the condos that line the beach act like a wall and bounce Floyd back to the middle of the Atlantic. Good luck guys.

All of you folks in harms way, please be conservative and keep yourselves and your families safe.We will all say special prayers for you,and you will be in our thoughts.Hopefully, we will all be back together here when this blow is over.

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Just starting to get some wind here (just south of Ft. Lauderdale). Looks like the worst will miss us.

Best of luck to all of you living further to the north. Stay safe.


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Dang... more Floridian forumites here than I thought...
Lucky for me I live in SW Florida.... all we ever get is rain and a bit of wind....
For everyone keeping their fingers crossed and prayers in their hearts for us in South Florida as we waited to see where Hurricane Floyd hit...Thanks a great deal!

We in Florida were very lucky, and I'll take the good wishes of strangers anytime thru a bad situation.

To my friends up the coast who may be drying out tonight..and may have lost homes or loved ones...
you have my most sincerest prayers and wishes for a better day tommorrow.

I lost my house during Hurricane Andrew....I found the strength to go on....and it's amazing how this on-line community can build strength and support among relative strangers!
I got recalled for my SF guard unit. We got our equipment ready and were prepared to go in for security due to looters. It is amazing how some opportunists will stay in a storm like that just to steal things. Luckily, the storm passed FL, we stood down, and by Wednesday night, we were drinking beer and telling war stories in the company compound. All that and a paycheck, too. This morning, I was back at my computer as the mild mannered government contractor.

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