I cut the Valentines Day cake

Oct 14, 1998
I had to cut the Valentines Day cake with my Tactical Folder. I wasn't sure whether I should smile sheepishly or frown or what...

We went to Jerry's Subs to celebrate, but didn't take a proper knife for cake cutting. I was forced to use my discreetly carried knife to cut the cake. I believe I was somewhat embarrassed, but have somewhat mixed feelings.

Has anyone else ever had to do something really dumb like this? I hope I'm not alone. If I am, it serves me right for doing such a dumb thing.
I used my Ascent to cut bagels the other day, but it is my daily carry knife and is expected o perform such duties. Worked real well. I hear the Civilian makes a terrible bagel cutter...I wonder how well the Outsider would do?

I do not understand what would be embarrassing about it. Perhaps if another knufenut saw that there was frosting caked around your thumbstud?



"No, it's a Vaquero Grande in my pocket, but I am happy to see you!"
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You got it. It wasn't really long enough to reach the middle of the cake. There was frosting around the thumb stud. I did the best cleanup I could in the establishment bathroom.

Looks ok, and still opens the same. I think it survived. As you say, a daily carry should be expected to perform this kind of duty.

I believe the Outsider would have cut the cake in half without touching the tang. The real trick would be to spare the cake holder and table underneath.