i got a Kiwi for Christmas!

Sep 3, 2003
great little knife. i was immediately smitten. even my wife loves the look of it, and she can't stand most of my knives. she thought it looked much "prettier" (her word) than her Chive, and i'm inclined to agree.

it's just so innovative in its look, but completely functional as well. the wharncliff blade is so nice, this thing is like a fancy razor! the handles look gorgeous: the curves, the length, the finish. i was going to keep this in the same pocket as my keys, but after admiring it for a while, i'm keeping it in my back pocket, where it will ride with my bandana, and that's all (i refuse to let this little guy get scratched).

my only disappointment is the off-center blade. when open, it is stiff, with no blade-play in any direction, but when closed, the Kiwi leans toward one of the scales, and doesn't center perfectly, unlike my Endura, which is exactly aligned when closed. a small complaint, but it makes me sad when i see it -- for this reason, i make every effort not to admire it from this angle. :(

i am quite pleased to have a VG10 blade: tough as nails, and easily sharpened (but i haven't done that yet).

enough gushing, this is my new favorite knife. it may not see as much use as my larger EDC, but it's going everywhere with me now. thanks Sal, and Spyderfolks! long live the Kiwi!

abe m.