I got BF Native #1!!!

Aug 18, 1999
I opened up the box that my BF Native came in last night when I got home...low and behold "1 of 300!"

Neato!...or are they all "#1"s? :)
Hey...just don't advertise it...that way years from now when cool knives can't be had as easily all of the BF Natives will be worth $$$. :) Not that I'm hoping for knives to be restricted in any way...but you never know....
A little water on the collector's fire, but still a darn good knife, eh...


AKTI #A000356
Does the BF Native have teflon washers or something to make it open smoother?

I like my Natives - but wonder if the BF Native is worth the 2 for one price...

I mean, if I went around saying I was an Emperor because some
moistened bint had lobbed a scimitar at me, people would put me away!

Ogre, kinda hard to try and look in-between the pivot without actually taking it apart.. But it seems that it's using metal washers (probably bronze) that's why it's so smooth in opening...

Oh yeah, and looks like it adapted the Wegner's full stainless spacer, too..

Check out this page:

That should give you a few reasons as to why the BladeForums.com Blue Native is more expensive than the standard Zytel Native.

MSRP for the Blue Natives, was supposed to be around $150, but thankfully Spyderco didn't add in the costs for the engineering. The only similarities between the original and the BladeForums.com model is the blade geometries and the name, other than that they are completely reengineered.


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