I got my Genesis 2!!


Apr 28, 1999
I got my genesis 2 at work today!! i was trying not to play with it so I wouldn't get in trouble. I did play with it at lunch. I got the liner lock to go to the far right side of the blade by flicking it a few times. Now it goes to the far right with out flicking it. And it is incredibly smooth. There is a little side to side play..how do I fix that? I have Torx drivers, what size do I use? Also, what do I use to clean scuffs off of the Black Finish? Thanks!
I flicked it cuz I wanted to!! The lock was kinda on the left part of the blade, and I thought if I flicked it, it would mopve over to the far right, which is where I wanted the liner to be.

I don't know if it's bad or not, but I'd like my liner to engage the blade in the left side of the tang. As you use your knife, the liner will move towards the right side (usually because the liner wears out). My logic says that a straighter liner is stronger.

True, but I want more safety and space for the liner to move before disengaging. I think it it strong enough, either way. it's only a millimeter or 2 difference, so for strength, it won't be put under more stress than if it was toward the left. toward the left, I think it would be more prne to accidental disengagement. but it's my first liner lock, so I could be wrong! I actually flicked it to see how smooth it was. I had a Gunsite that I flicked and I compared it to that. Gen 2 is about 100 times smoother! I plan on getting a few more genesis in the future, a black Gen 1, silver Gen 1 and a silver Gen 2. Then I would have one of each and not have to worry about the liner on my original one. I still have confidence in the Gen 2 liner lock toward the far right. After closer examination under better light, it isn't on the extreme far right side, but more to a tiny but right of the middle. thanks for the info, though! I love the Genesis!!
Thanks for the tip! i will be sure to try it. The only thing that is that when I push the liner lock towards the left where it was, the lockup is loose with a few millimeters of vertical play. Will your tip fix this? Thanks!
Genesis 2..is it a lot better than the 1 or not as good, same? Comparison anyone?

If that vertical play is what I think it is, then it shouldn't be a problem. If you examine the tang that makes contact with the liner, it is not straight and should be slightly slanted. This is to cope with the wear of your liner and designed that way. As I said, it will move to the right side as you use your knife. So the optimum contact of your Genesis is now at the right side as opposed to the left side like when it was new. If you move your liner lock as if to disengage it, surely there's a gap (meaning there's little or no contact) between the liner and the tang, thus the vertical play.

The T-6 screw nearest the tang, like aph mentioned, is very important. You can have side to side play if the said screw is not tight enough. Tighten it too much and it will make opening or closing your knife difficult, because now the scales will pinch the blade. If you see your knife in closed position, the scales (and the liner) have to be parallel to each other. Find the best combination of both smoothness and tightness.

There's an easy way to do this. Loosen/tighten your pivot screw enough so that you have smooth opening. Move the liner to the left as if to disengage the lock. Now shake the knife vigorously side to side, there shouldn't be any side to side play. Tighten as necessary and recheck again.

BTW, Gennies use bronze bushings which contribute to the smoothness. I wish there were more factory knives made this way.

Thanks for the info! Where can I find Torx that small? My Dad has down to 10, but I need some that are smaller.
TAZ, usually auto parts and hardware stores stop at T-10 Torx sizes. Anytime you need any "extra small" tools, go to the hobby store were they sell model planes and radio controlled toys, and not the hobby store the wife goes to get her hobby crafts. -Brian

How do you like the CG-6H injection molded G-10? Do you like it better than G-10? Does it have a nice texture? Does it flex easier?

"All of our knives open with one hand, in case you're busy with the other"
Well, I don't have anything with G-10. I haven't had any problem with the scales flexing too much. They don't flex in a regular grip, but if you hold the knife horizontally and press the scales, they will flex a little, but not too much. I'm a big kid and I have a strong grip cuz I deadlift and powerlift and they don't flex in a normal grip. They have a good texture to them. I think the black coating on the blade causes it to drag through cardboard, so you might want to get a satin finish if you cut cardboard a lot like I do. All in all, it's a very strong knife.

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