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I got my persian from Alan Folts!

Oct 2, 1998
I dont' suppose many people here remember, but several months back I designed a persian knife and had Alan Folts make it. Well it finally came about 2 weeks ago and it's a beaut! I'll try to get a pic posted of it later.
First of all, Alan did a great job at rendering my 2 dimensional drawing of the knife(only in profile) into reality. The handles are desert ironwood with ivory micarta bolsters/guards. The two colour combo looks great just like I thought it would, nice to know I was right. Funny thing is that while I had a good idea about the profile/outline of the knife, I wasn't exactly clear on how the handle should be (in 3 dimensions that is). But Alan did a great job on that, it fits just right for my hand and fingers!
The blade is ats34 (heat treated by Rob Simonich), and Alan put some nice file work on the tang of the knife, along with mosaic pins too. Hmm, it's kind of hard trying to describe with just words, but until I can get a scan of it posted, I'll just say it all comes together very well. The knife is pretty enough to be a showcase knife, and also useable enough so that you don't mind actually cutting with it hehe.
Oh yeah, Alan made a great multi-carry sheath for it (made from kydex). I remember telling him that I wanted it to be very secure so that there'd be no chance of it falling out of the sheath, upside or shaking about or whatever, and there isn't! The sheath has this clip/paddle that you can attach at several different angles. And in fact I later learned that parts of the sheath were made by EdgeWorks, with which Alan has some kind of working deal hehe. Basically I got a custom knife from a top notch maker, and a custom sheath from a top notch sheath maker. What a deal hehe
Oh, and more great stuff: for several reasons (hurricanes being one of them hehe) it took Alan longer to finish the knife than he said it would. So as a bonus, he also mailed me a very cool tanto knife kit along with the persian (free knives = cool). And of course, the tanto being a "raw" blade, it will require some polishing, which is a bonus (for me anyway) hehe. Actually, a while back Alan sent me another free tanto kit as a compensation for the tardiness, but I lost that when I moved to Dallas. Is that great or what? Next time I'll be sure look ahead for hurricane season and place my order so I can get more free knives (lol, j/k Alan).

I'll get a scan of it as soon as I can. Oh, by the way, does anyone know what the restrictions are on knife carry for the state of Texas? I want to carry this baby around (legally). (I'm just itching to scare the beegeezus out of some thug with it
Where's the pic's??? I believe Texas allows concealed carry of a fixed blade if the cutting edge is under 5 inches. Please get confirmation of Texas law before ya going carrying it around. I have been wrong once this year already. I may be wrong a second time.

Thanks Jadis...

I am glad you like it and it was a little weird figuring out that shape in 3 dimensions..

One correction, the knife was heat treated with Rob Simonich's recipe, I had your knife heat treated in a machine shop here locally, the hard part was convincing them that a cryoquench actually did some good..

I am glad you like it and when you get that tanto polished out that should be one hell of a knife too..

So where are the pics anyways?

Hey, its been 2 weeks, where are the pics???

The only one I have is of the blade profile..


The Clip on this sheath most likely is the "Mini-Paddle". The Mini-Paddle is an accessory that Edge-Works offers to OEMs. This is the same clip that Scott designed the Patriot proto/HaloIII sheath around.

You will also see it at Joel Pirelas' sight on the "Flash" http://personal.mia.bellsouth.net/mia/m/e/memi/kydex.html

Whats it like grinding blades in scuba gear??

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Radarman, actually its kind of convenient, you never have to dip them to keep them cool..

ok, I know it took forever, BUT HERE IT IS :




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WOW! Congrats, Jadis! Way to go, Alan! I've always liked Persian blades. That is some sweet filework too.
VERY nice knife.

If the handle and bolsters you are going to put on that blade I sent you turn out that nice then our collaboration will be fantastic. Nice job.

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