I hate when that happens!

Oct 27, 1998
Upon going to my relatives for Turkey Day, I had to show off my mini socom. I ended up cutting some aluminum with it and scratched the blk ti coating right off! Can this be retouched or recoated? Or do I need to buy one for play and one for show?


If it's any consolation, you've warned me away from doing the same sometime in the future

I bet you could speak with MT and they would recoat it. Or at least I would hope.

=- Craig
Don't panick just yet! I bet if you look reeaaaallll close at your SOCOM blade, you'll find that what you see is Aluminium rubbed off on the Black Ti coated surface. The Titanium coating used on Microtec's blades is very similar to ours[EDI KNIVES] and is MUCH harder[about 90 Rc] than the Aluminium foil. What you are probally seeing is silver looking Aluminium rubbed off on your black blade. I could be wrong, but thats what has happened on some of our blades. A little elbow grease with a cloth usully takes it right off. Be careful, don't use anything too abrasive[no scotchbrite pads]. If in doubt, please call Tony @ MicroTec, I'm sure that they'll help out. Hope this helps.

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Craig - yes, that is a SOCOM in the BladeForums logo. When the site was first opened, there was a SOCOM DA on the cover page (where the James Brothers Cheyenne is now...)

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As long as we're talking about finishes... I've noticed that I leave light gray fingerprints on the black-Ti coating of my mini-SOCOM whenever I handle it.. what kind of cloth/product can I use to wipe it off? Just a shirt doesn't seem to do it.

=- Craig
I have to agree with you. The finish on the mini-socom is very impractical if you want to keep it clean looking! In fact, I don't even like to show my non-knife enthusiast friends because they paw at the blade and leave finger prints all over it! I got so frustrated using Rem Oil and elbow grease trying to remove these prints that I broke down and tried Tuff Cloth. It seems to work quite well...finger prints definately come off easier after Tuff Cloth has been applied. Try a few coats and let them dry completely and away you go...much easier to clean. I don't know if this product is completely safe for the blk ti finish so I don't use it all the time, about every month or so. Hope this helps. Also, does anyone know if Tuff Cloth is safe for daily use?


My philosophy is simple, if you're worried about scratches on your knives, stick them in a display case. If you carry/use your knives then don't worry about it. Easier said than done, I know. But, you'll go nuts if you worry about cosmetic blemishes on your knives.

If I have a knife I really like I buy 2. Stick one away and carry the other.
I buy 2 knives and post twice about it too.

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Hey all I may have found a new coating. I will be testing it and it will be trademarked LASER Coat! So stay tuned. You will first see it on a Cheyenne in the next week or so. Will if your listening I will let you know how it holds up. So far the RC is 90!

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