I have discovered the Finger!

Apr 7, 1999
No I did not find a missing finger by the sharpener under the sink. But I did discover the Sharp Finger carbon steel knife from Schrade today. Man what a knife for 20 bucks! It's no huge beefcake-death warrior-prybar, but it's a perfect size for cutting just about anything I would need to cut in the course of a day. I've seen this knife at walmart before, but I never considered getting it because I once made a terrible mistake which can be summed up simply with the name Clip-hanger. I gave the knife a very gritty edge with the cheap stone that it came with, and it is cutting like a little monster. Grip is small but secure, and there is a finger guard so that the Finger doesn't take off a finger. I'm confussed why this knife doesn't come up more in suggestions for people who post asking for small fixed blades. The sheath is good too. There is even a safty liner on the inside surface of the leather that rests against the body. My voyager has been dethroned by this sharpened digit! The finger is going into my right front pocket from now on.
General- I've had a Sharpfinger for about 15 yrs, don't carry it much anymore, but you can't beat it for a functional user knife. And I love the patina that carbon steel has after all these years.
I have used a Sharpfinger for 20 years. It has done several deer. The only "problem" I have is that it could be balanced a little better. Overall, a great knife for the money.

Work on it a little while with a ceramic sharpener, and you can get it so sharp that it will shave hair without touching the skin. NICE!

Well, im glad that you got the knife, and posted this thread. To often the simple knives get overlooked. Just from this thread, I went out and got myself one at Wal-Mart. Heck of a deal at 20 bucks.

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Just some knife pictures

Have you considered giving your friends and loved ones the finger, as a gift?

Yes, Yes & Yes!
I've had mine for years, I think I paid $12 for it...Cleaned MANY bluefish (& cut bait too) and it is still going strong
I use it around saltwater and it has never rusted. A little freshwater & WD40 at the end of the day is all it takes.
Some one here, a while ago, posted a photo of the 'finger' with the scales cut off and the handle cord wrapped. Instant neck knife!
I am less than fond of the sheath though. After many moons, the point tends to poke thru...on the outside. A minor flaw, since it takes a long time to happen. Must be from getting in & out of the car...
Enjoy your new knife

Ebbtide out.
Hmmmm, I'm going by Wal-Mart this evening....
May have to get one. I've seen a lot of contractors, construction workers, hunters, etc. wearing these knives and never gave it a second thought. Maybe I should have.

Schrade may experience a boom in sales if enough people read this thread

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Wow all these Fingers are out there yet they never get mentioned much. If you buy one just be sure to check it out before driving home. I saw one with a real bad grind that was so thick it would take hours to thin out. Try and find one ground at the same angle on both sides too--mine is 20 degrees on the left and about 40 on the right. Hopefully your walmart has them in boxes instead of the plastic clamshell packs.
Well, somebody's buying them. Our local Wal-Mart Supercenter was out, so I'll have to try the other one tomorrow. ($19.96)
all that good steel a scary sharp edged it it looks like the dune crysknife to boot, i keep thinking i'm gone to buy one and will some day soon.