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I just got my m-socom & now I'm mad!

Mar 22, 1999
I got my mini socom today and now there's only one problem! I want a full size one.
This knife is absolutely fantastic! By far the best production folder I've ever held.
How could anybody not like this knife. Maybe, if you were spoiled by Sebenza's and expensive customs I guess. Even the clip, which I had heard was mounted too high on the pivot end, didn't seem to bother me.
Mine has the black coated plain edge, and is the best looking knife I've ever seen.
Also, by far the sharpest of any of my Benchmade's or Spydies.

I'm glad to hear that you like your mini socom so much, I was thinking about getting one myself. Now that I know it's not just hype, I guess I will buy one.

Yes, guys they are great blades!!!Yes, I am spoiled by the small Sebenza!!!!Yes, the Socom is a great knife anyway you look at it...Yes you will ENJOY
Yes, I own several SOCOMs in several configurations and I can say without a doubt that the mini-SOCOM is the best deal in that price range!
My full size SOCOM will arrive tomorrow or early next week. Wish I had not read this....Makes the wait even harder.
This is my first black coating on a blade and I really like it as I can't stand the fingerprints that I get on my satin blades. The coating on my m-socom greatly reduces that.
Hey who has the best deal on a Mini Socom clip point plain edge black blade? I need to find one for a buddy of mine.
If you want a new one, email Mark at mjsknive@mjsknives.com and he'll give you one heck of a deal on one, or two, or three, or....-AR

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The mini gave me the fever as well. I think it is probably the best carry of any. It prompted me to buy a full size manual and DA, clip and tanto. Now I want another mini as a backup...great knife!!!!!