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I just won $200...

I would spend it on Spydercos or a knife from Rob Simonich. Can't go wrong either way. Take that back...if I won $200 I would go to Sears and buy a belt grinder so I could start making my own knives! ;-)
I would buy all the good people at Bladeforums a new knife.
What better way is there to spend money than that?
Hey you keep your $200, i'll take the secret behind $1.25 knives!!

Let's see, one Military and one Dyad. Yeah!

Walk in the Light,
M-UDT might be an idea.

Me thinks, we are the first to know about it before the wife???

Ever wonder if they all got together and decided to read all the posts... hummm...

Save a few more bucks and get a small Sebenza.

Just curious, how did you win the $200?


That should be in the ballpark for a HP Deskjet printer I know about.
Everything in the BladeForums.com store

Seriously, the MOD Trident is pretty nice, is that below $200?


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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