I love small knives!!!!!

Jul 7, 2000
I used to think that a good knife was a BIG knife. I own a ton of huge head-lopping, tree-chopping, bone-breaking knives. The funny thing is: I never carry them. They're huge, they're heavy and they're very illegal to carry. So I always carried my SpyderCo Endura. It was my "midsized" knife and I've used it constantly for years.

Recently I decided to downsize to the SpyderCo Delica.


Why? Well, a couple of reasons:

1. The Delica is legal in a lot more places.

2. People aren't intimidated by the Delica. When I took out my Endura some people would get all bug-eyed and one person even referred to it as a "machete." This plays into number 1 also (police or other officials see the Delica as less threatening).

3. I realized that in day-to-day chores, I wasn't utilizing the entire size of the blade on the Endura.

Well, my Delica arrived in the mail three days ago and I LOVE IT!!!! It's great! It arrived razor sharp (it's the only knife I've ever been able to literally SHAVE with right out of the box). I also got the neck-sheath for it.


This adds a tons of carry options!

I've been able to do everything with my Delica that I was doing with my Endura and now I've got in in a smaller, ligther package. (1.9 oz.)

After seeing the beauty of a small folder, I decided to go for a small fixed-blade. Since CRKT has gotten such great reviews from GT and others, I decided to go with the CRKT Neck P.E.C.K.



Well guess what? I love this one too!!!! It's illegal for concealed carry in Baltimore (no fixed-blades concealed) so I just wear it IWB open carry. It's so small that no one even gives me a second look. I've even talked to a few LEOs in the past few days and none of them said anything about it. It's also great for neck carry.

Well, both of these knives are great and have both taken fair amounts of beating in the last 2-3 days. So now I've decided that I love small knives! They're lightweight, easy to control and manipulate, concealabe (even when they're visible people don't notice them) and they can do most things that their bigger brothers can!

I recommend these two knives completely, and I recommend any small knife made by a good manufacturer. If you haven't tried knives like these yet, you're missing out!
I will have to agree that small knives are handier. For every day carry, use, and just being user friendly, it is hard to beat a small knife. Big knives are needed some places but a small knife is needed in all places.

Ray Kirk
Nice move, small knives work just as hard as the big boys do...The Ladybug is another hard worker, and nice little knife.

Your nickname....reminds me of the movie
`Dirty Rotten Scoundrels' in the opening scene he refuses to take the offered necklace until she said `Think of the Children' probably not related but now you know what passes through my mind at times...


"The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions!"
Take the time to read your Bible Now, don't be left behind...

G2 LeatherWorks
I am a big fan of small knives myself. Just big enough to fit comfortably in the hand is all I need. My small sebenza fits this role best for me, but I was a delica carrier for many years...

Your callsign reminds me of Helen Lovejoy of the Simpsons: "Won't somebody please think of the children!"


Clay Fleischer
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Yep!! For 15 years I only bought large thick prybar type knives. I like'm all, but they just sit in the safe. For the last year(esp. since I started "lurking" here on BF, I've only bought small knives - the largest being 4". I did the opposite of you - I had a delica, then bought an endura. I immediately got comments from long time co-workers who never noticed the delica. BF opened me up to a lot of neck knives (Livesay, RunningDog), my now favorite carry.

In fact, I've sworn off folders for small fixed blades! My current daily carry is a 2" Brusletto Balder - cuts like crazy and is exremely easy to carry (about the length of a pen). I keep a 3" neck knife in my briefcase for larger tasks.

It seems to be a natural progression for a lot of folks - the best knife is the one you have on you when you need it! And an easy carry knife is usually the one you have with you.

So you like the neck peck, huh? I've been thinking about getting one to alternate with my Brusletto...

p.s. This progression, in my experience seems to be true for weapons (in CCL states). I have lots of friends (and myself) who have big heavy 1911's in the safe, and prefer small Glocks instead...
Originally posted by CD Fleischer:
Your callsign reminds me of Helen Lovejoy of the Simpsons: "Won't somebody please think of the children!"

I came up with my name by hearing all of the BS reasons from people to ban guns. One argument I always heard was about the 13 "children" that die every day. We all know that this is BS. Then I was watching Simpsons and heard Lovejoy say those priceless words. Ever since then it's been my favorite phrase to make fun of anti-gunners! So, CD Fleischer, you are correct!
Small knives! try carrying a penknife, slipjoint. Carry it for a week, and ask yourself you how many times you really needed anything bigger. (Self defence reason is not included in this theory).
Yes! I have A custom fixed blade, abot 4" overall. It is close to the CRKT neck peck but A lot fancier. It was made by forumite Luke Freeouf. When it gets back from River City Sheaths it will have A new home and go back to being my daily carry. I love that lil' guy....sniff......tear....

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If you like the Delica, try the Calypso Jr. with the micarta handle. An Endura or Military fit my hand better but the little Calypso Jr. is light and rides low in my pocket. No matter what new knife I buy, I always seem to gravitate back to the Calypso Jr.
Hard to beat a Delica.

Not a collectors piece to be proud to own.

But a nice size and good performance.

And stood up in court as a utility knife as opposed to a a killing knife many times as a precedent.

Ron Knight
Small knives???
whats that?
no just kidding.i dont see any reason to carry a 9 inch folding knife or anything close to that length.
I agree, large knives are great and they have their place, but small knives are the ones we live with everyday.
Originally posted by RKnight:
Hard to beat a Delica.

Not a collectors piece to be proud to own.

But a nice size and good performance.

And stood up in court as a utility knife as opposed to a a killing knife many times as a precedent.

Do you know the names of the court cases in which this happened? If I ever had to use my Delica in defense I'd like to be able to tell my lawyer. If you don't remember the case names, does anyone else?

Thanks in advance.