I need a little info about a Microtech Socom, Mirror finish and rayskin handle

Walking Man

May 28, 2003
A while ago, I received in trade a Microtech Socom MANUAL with Mirror finish and rayskin handle inserts. Now I am at a point in my life that I would very much like to sell this knife, but I know almost nothing about it.
Let start off with this. I know Microtech usually doesn't sell production mirror-finished blades. Is it hand ground by Tony Marfione?
and the most important questions to me right now are, what was the original selling price, and how well do microtechs maintain their value.
All suggestions/comments welcome.
Also, I tried registering at Microholics, but for some reason I couldn't post, even though I was logged on, so I have to count on you guys. thanks.
Walking Man
I dont know why you couldn't get on microhoics, You might want to try in the microtech form at knife forums.
It sounds like you may have one of three listed in a genaral price quide on the forum.
3)High Polished Tanto Blade MA with Ray Skin Inlays 7/99 = $500+
Does it have the date on the pocket clip and what does the box say?
If it has the date on the clip and the proper box it would probably bring $300 to $400 on the forums and might go higher on ebay.
I might be interested in it myself, let me know.
Carl cnyhart@yahoo.com
Nothing on clip, but it does say 1278 (Socom Elite, microtech symbol) and then 6/2000. Thanks for the help.
Oh , ok , its a socom elite. I cant say for sure without seeing it but it sounds like a after market high polish blade with ray skin inserts. 6,2000 sounds like it has a pre production blade and would go for around $200.