I need informations about Nimravus before I'll do some big mistakes.

Mar 29, 1999
Dear Forumites,

it is incredible, but I have found in a shop here in Italy the knives from Benchmade made in M2 HSS. To have an 800 AFCK HSS, first run, last year I had to have to buy it on the Net and to have big problems with Italian Banks, Customs and Mail Services.

Now I have found the Stryker, the AFCK and the Nimravus in a well known shop here in Rome, ready to buy at a not-so outrageous price.

So I am seriously thinking to buy a Nimravus, because I am fond of fixed blades, and I am crazy for "exotic" steels.

But just to avoid to be disappointed by this nice knife, I would like to know if it has some drawbacks or problems. These are my expectations about a fixed blade:

- I like fixed blades of at least 6". Nimravus has a blade of 4.5", but I can stand with it if it can bear some heavy (for its dimension) tasks, it has not to be only a stabbing implement. What are your feeling about the Nimravus?

- it has to be significantly tougher than a folder, say my M2 AFCK or a discontinued Emerson CQC7.

- I read all (or almost all) the threads about Nimravus, and I know how wonderful you say it is. But if you had to find a defect, a problem in the Nimravus, what would it be?

I am sorry to ask these things so long after the Nimravus was born, but please note I am going to pay for it the equivalent of $ 250 USD, so you can imagine why I don't want to be disappointed.

The more opinions I'll receive, the better will be.



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Hi there!

I thought that i'd share my x-perience on the BM Nimravus.
I bought one in March-99, just because it looked nice and i've always liked BM products.
I thought that the knife was considerably bigger but was pleasently surprised!

I used under six months while in Bosnia, not for anything really heavy, but it cut and scraped alot and it performed beautifully!

I don't know what to say that's negative, some doesn't like the sheath but it worked great for me, i do think that the new sheath will be even better!

Just my 0.2 cents!
If you want some more information just e-mail me at: army@home.se

Be well! / Jonas aka 2Sharp

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Dear Falcenberg,
I handled the Nimravus and it it's a beautifull knife and I started saving some money to get it.

On the other hand if you have to pay $250 for it but then Lires in Rome I would not buy it but would have somebody send it over as a present from the US.
It's possible to get a Nimravus for about $ 100 in the US and postage for the nimravus to Italy by fixed price airmail envelope would be either $6.95 or $9.95

Cheers, Bagheera


The only flaw I have found with either the Nimravus or the Nimravus Cub is the limited carry options of the original sheath.

I believe that Benchmade has corrected this with the new sheaths and has a mechanism to replace the older sheaths with a new style for a nominal cost. You can find the details on that at the Benchmade Forum.

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I'm considering one of those myself. Hope to get one by end of the year. Would like to design it to be a sholder harness knife, or something similar...