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I need "sharp" help

Apr 1, 1999
hey all...I am new in this club, however I've had an obsession with knives and I've always wanted to know more about them, for all you experts who have time to tell me what are the good knives and all that, PLEASE e-mail me at HALABI666@hotmail.com
Read these forums! Especially the reviews forum, and if you can't find a review of a knife you're interested in ask and likely someone will post one. There's no point in emailing you the whole website; you can read it all here....

-Cougar Allen :{)
Come on into the forums and read a bit. All us knife nuts are a bit twitchy by sheeple standards and definitely obsessed, so you've got the right handle to be here.
Check the thread on the best tactical folder in the world. As far as folders go, all the best are listed there.