I need some help for some Boy Scouts...

Jan 11, 1999
I help with a Boy Scout Troop in Murfreesboro, TN and some of these boys have a tought time affording the nescessary items for being an active Boy Scouts. Alot of parents of other kids help with uniforms and the sponsoring Church helps with summer camp money, but when it somes down to the knife issue---not many people feel they can help. Victorinox donated a large number of their new compasses a few months ago, and I thought I would turn to my fellow knife knuts to ask for some advice and/or help.
To make this more than just a "freebie" we are suggesting to anyone interested in helping is to allow these 45 boys to test some of your newer knives and/or be the watershed for your older not-so-great pieces. The boys are not allowed to carry a fixed blade, and probably would need to be 3" or smaller lock-blade. Of course, we would not be picky, but as long as I am asking...

Please let me know if you all know of any way you or others might be able to help.

Tax ID number and letters of donation would of course be available if you need. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

David P. Sproles
Eagle Scout Class 1988
sproles@email.com and/or
After reading your post I went searching and came upwith two Swiss Army knives.One is from Marlboro and says so on the handle. If you are interested please let me know. I'm sure if we all dig a little we'll find some forgotten knives.
I have one or two older knives that I'm not using. I would be glad to donate them. Email me the address:

Shipping is on me.


Email me your address and I will send some as well.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
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Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

I was a Scout once too. Email your address, I can dig up one or two SAK types.
I have a few that I will give yall. Send me an e-mail.
Chris, Top of Texas Knives

I would be glad to help. Just email or post an address and I will send some knives your way!

Thanks for the opportunity to help some young folks and encourage knife appreciation!


Clay Fleischer

Picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue...

I have a few Official Boy Scout knives (Victorinox and Camillus) to send you. All I ask in return is a CSP sent to Danelle at Spyderco for her son (new Scout). Could you post an address to mail the knives to? BTW, going to NOAC 2000 at Univ of Tennessee?

Eagle Scout, Class of '75
Lodge Chief, Hinode Goya 498
Currently a Unit Commissioner Ute District
and Law Enforcement Chair, Exploring Program, Pikes Peak Council (35 years as a registered Scout(er)) Dang I'm getting old...

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THIS is why I love this forum so much...you guys are the best. I'm checking on what we can do...
Count me in, as well..I have a few decent SAK's that can be used by someone who needs it...and it's always good to support the BSA...

I just looked, and while I might be able to come up with a couple knives for you, your criteria is somewhat problematic in that I tend to favor larger lockbacks and fixed blades. So, here's a potentially better avenue of approach:

Have you tried contacting Smoky Mountain Knife Works? Not only are they in TN with you, but they frequently have blowout prices on SAKs and other suitable knives. I don't know what they've currently got in stock, but if you found the right person there, they might be sympathathetic to a B.S. troop in TN. Why don't you contact them, negotiate the best deal you can on the merchandise you want, and then contact us with your $$ needs? I'm not saying that you'll get exactly what you want, but I offer that approach in case you've not thought of it.

Could your Scouts use good condition mil spec stuff like mess kits, blankets and such? A lot of mil spec camping stuff is pretty crude, but it'll get one through, and occasionally can be had for pretty good prices around the larger mil bases and from what I gather, there are several of us here that have access to FayetteNam shops and the like. Contacting Campmor (www.campmor.com) and REI might be even more fruitfull. I know the local REI has a once a year blowout on used/returned/mended equipment that offers bargains at pennies on the dollar. So does the Eureka plant in NY, for that matter.

Here's another cool approach for you: how 'bout offering up needs of specific Scouts that we could "adopt"? Like maybe Johnny needs a new sleeping bag, a pocketknife and flashlight, while Carlos has those things but needs a pack and some financial help. See what I'm getting at? I bet there's lots of us reading this who might have something of use, or who might be willing to help if we knew specifics of both what was needed and what is NOT needed.

Frankly, I would hope that Littleton has somewhat heightened folks awareness for the need for programs like Scouting, Explorers, and Outward Bound. It was programs similar to those that really helped me and gave me some foundation in an otherwise pretty troubled and awkward period of transition from child to adult. Far from the current media's vision of "children" (up to age 21, by some definitions) devoid of anything but non-locking pocket knives, we trained in the practical, non-violent uses of fixed blades, hatchets, axes and firearms, and not one single member of our group ever got into felonious trouble with the law. There's a message in there somewhere.

Email me with your needs and address,
mps-- who still sometimes uses a '70's vintage B.S. manual as a useful reference
You guys are the best. I placed this thread Wednesday night at about 11:45my time and by this morning (Thursday) there were already 5 or 6 reposnses...all positive. And the thread keeps growing :)

I truely appreciate the generosity. But even more than that is the attitude with which you all have stated your willingness to give. I don't mean to get spiritual or anything---but the Lord blesses someone who gives...I truly believe that and I am grateful.

~~MPS: Right on with your thoughts about supporting kids in positive ways. Scouting taught me wonderful outdoor knowledge, taught me how to lead, and taught me how to be my own person while still respecting my elders.

Anyone who is willing to help...here is the mailing/shipping address that you can send any of those extra blades:

David Sproles
c/o Webb's Refreshments
141 MTCS Drive
Murfreesboro, TN 37129

(w) 615-893-2749

Please accept my thanks for all of the men and boys of BSA Troop 398.

David P Sproles
Eagle Scout Class of 1988
sproles@email.com or
Thanks for the address, Sproles

6 new Delicas are heading your way. We would like to get some feed back from the boys, after they use them (Certified Tote n'Chippers, of course!) Have them let us know what they liked about them, what they didn't like, if anything, etc...

Good Luck!
Danelle, you are the greatest!

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Are SAK's ok or are you looking for lockblades only?

Just curious. I have at least 3 knives for ya, maybe more.

Just wanted to get the specifics down:

1. Folders only
2. Under 3"
3. Serrated ok?
4. Non-locking ok?

Any other criteria?

Thanks again for this great opportunity.

Take care,


Clay Fleischer

Picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue...

Why no fixed blades? Given the "outdooorsy" nature of Boyscouting, wouldn't a fixed blade around the old camp be a more utilitarian knife design? Isn't the motto "Be Prepared" and not "Make do?" I think teaching someone to improvise in a wonderful thing, but giving the right tool for the job is even better.

Now, having said that, I have some knives that I can send.
Unfortunately, the Boy Scouts have fallen victim to the politcally correct way of doing things. Most if not all councils prohibit fixed blade knives.

The story goes that a scout was killed when he cut his femoral artery carrying a sheath knife improperly in an unsafe sheath. Instead of educating scouts about how to properly carry a knife, they just prohibit them.

My son has served as a junior counseler at a scout summer camp. I have attended the organizational meetings with him. At one of these meetings, the camp director was talking about do and don'ts. He said "weapons are prohibited so don't bring any fixed blade knives". Even some Scouting officials consider a fixed blade a weapon.
re: the fixed baldes...I think that Mike hit on the head. A number of the adults will carry a fixed blade, but the troop. council and national spokespeople tend to sway from the fixed blade for "saftey" issues. I agree with you re: the utilitarian role it can play, and carry a fixed and a folder myself.

Again--thank you all so very much for your concern and willingness to help a great cause.

David P Sproles
Eagle Scout Class of 1988
sproles@email.com or
Oh, WEAPONS are prohibited. That makes sense!!! Folders can't be used as weapons. Neither can the sticks and rocks found outdoors. I must have forgotten.

My boss kept telling me, "NO WEAPONS!!!" I kept telling him that my pocket knife was a TOOL.

I had to go to the courthouse about a week back and they told my that no WEAPONS were allowed inside and that I would have to leave my Spyderco Standard at the desk with the Deputy. I took off my belt, shoelaces, and handed him my inkpens too. He asked, "What the hell are you doing?" I said, "You wanted all my weapons didn't you?" Odd...he called me a smart-ass.
I'm at college right now but my parents are coming up next weekend to get some of my stuff and take it home. I'll have them bring my knife rolls along at the same time. What kind of quality are we talking about here? I certainly don't have any Delicas--most of the knives in those rolls are what I collected till I turned 16, so they're not super high quality. The higher quality stuff is older pieces like Camillus pocketknives. I have a lot of slipjoints and a few lockbacks, so it would help if we could send slips. Especially Boy Scout knives!