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I really want a Genesis EDI knife.....

Jun 15, 1999
I really like this knife. Just thought I'd share that. Ok, that'll be all...

Go Notre Dame!
Thanks for sharing

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Couldn't blame you, Tuff. The Genesis is really one good knife. I know there's no such thing as a perfect knife, but this one seems to be close enough.

I agree with Squid! I have both, AFCK in M2. AFCK has better steel and better feel! The Genisis Is a well made knife but it usually is guarding my dresser drawer!
I love the blade geometry on the Genesis and the action is about as smooth as any I have ever played with. I have never had to oil the pivot since the bronze washers were so slick.

I like it with the black blade.


what kind of AFCK does everyone have? I still am preferring the Genesis thou, but just curoius...
EDI knives are totally cool; I like the Genesis 1 better than the Genesis 2, but with that being said I must admit that the Genesis 2 really does have a handle material MUCH better in feel and stiffness then plain old Zetyl. It's like super-zetyl, it rules.

I like how the AFCK looks, but I do not like how it feels in my hands. The Genesis series seems to be much more comfortable, at least in my paws.

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I have a plain edged AFCK with M2 steel, a very tough and handy knife with a great feel. It really does hold an edge, but the grind is far from even and I am growing to hate a black blade. It seems to be a step up from BM's overbaked ATS-34, but nothing that couldn't have been solved with better QC on the heat treat.

I've played with a Genesis but still prefer my AFCK, which is the ATS-34 version with a black coating, semi-serrated.
If feels more comfortable, I like the blade hole, etc.
BTW, I've suggested a couple times on the Benchmade forum to lower the Rc on their ATS-34 down to 58-60. I'm no expert, but I feel that would go a way toward solving the brittleness issue, because except for that, I rather like ATS-34. Also, other companies (i.e., Spyderco, REKAT, etc.) don't seem to really have the brittleness problem with ATS.
Maybe if we bug BM enough they'll correct this!
I thought AFCK knives were originally Emerson knives, but they are their own company eh?
Seems like other companies can get ATS32 right, just Benchmade can't.
I have a gen 2 black blade and it rules. It is incredibly sharp, holds an edge for a while and is extremely easy to retouch, although I redid the bevel so it is at a lower angle.
Taz, what ever happened to your liner? Did it get fixed? I remember the liner was hitting the opposite scale.

Well, its not hitting the other scale, but it is close to the edge of the tang...I'm a tcollege, so I haven't gotten to send it out yet..maybe when I'm home for Christmas...