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I received my Mission MPU today!

Dec 29, 1998
The box was waiting in the mail. I ripped it open and there awaited my MPU. I pulled it out of the sheath that accompanied it and, whoa! It was sharp as hell, great looking with a great looking sheath accompanying it. BUT.......The damn thing was all scratched up! I don't mind my knives showing a little wear and tear but I'd like to at least be the one doing the wearing and tearing. It was extremely sharp and everything I expected but I was somewhat disappointed by all the scratch marks which appear to be caused by the sheath. Am I nuts? Is this normal? Except for all of the scratch marks I love the knife.
I know what you mean.I have a Benchmade Nimravus and it also has scratches from the kydex sheath.I have heard many people say the same thing,I thnk it is fairly normal though.If you plan on using the knife at all I wouldnt worry about it.That
does suck that it arrived to you that way.Hell,break it in real good and you'll never know the difference.


I'm sorry that it arrived scratched up. Unfortunately, due to the sheath many of them wind up like that. I did my best cleaning many of the knives that we got, but some did have some cosmetic blemishes. Overall though, I like them, especially as a neck knife.


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I have a SOG seal pup that looked great but was quickly scratched by the kydex sheath. I guess it's to be expected of the MPU as well...

Didn't mean to sound so negative. I actually love the knife especially considering the price, which was fantastic. This appears to be one strong puppy. Next up, my BladeForums Spyderco Native!!
I returned to my lab with several coworkers after a meeting this morning to find a box on my desk. "Hey, guys, Don has another box on his desk, wonder what's in it?" Smartasses.

The four of us fondled, cut paper, one guy bled on it already (why don't people believe someone when told that a knife is sharp?), and one guy is thinking about ordering one. Nice little knife, would be a great neck knife for those so inclined, nice and sharp, and feels good in the hand for a skeletonized handle like this one. Couldn't pass up the price. This about makes my week.

Don LeHue

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I think what you maybe experiencing is the "life is full of trade offs" syndrome.
Kydex/Concealex has properties that other popular sheathing materials do not have.
Shape retention
Light weight
Positive locking (when sheaths are designed properly)
Element resistance
Easy clean up

Unfortunately some of these properties can lead to other problems. For example, when a sheath is made to retain a blade based on blade, hilt or handle geometry other geometeric features of the blade could feasibly drag accross these retention points. I think this is what is being seen in the SOG. Hence you have a polishing effect that appears as a scratch (you hear this about MD Blades alot).
The biggest thing is to make sure that your blades are wiped down and your sheath is clean (always wipe down new bead blasted blades, and rinse out new production sheaths).
RadarMan, you are absolutely right on the money. The sheath that came with the MPU has all of the positive attributes you described and unfortunately the drag problem on the retention points. But the pros definitely outweigh the cons with this baby! It's only gonna get used and abused (a little bit) anyway.
Got mine, too. It is developing a few polished areas, but its a user, so I don't mind.
As a neck knife, however, I think it might be just a litlle to heavy and a tad too bulky- at least with the sheath it came with. I think it wouldbe perfect mated with an IWB rig.
FWIW, compressed air in a can (for cleaning keyboards and such) fitted with the little-red-plastic-straw is a kick ass way to clean out the inside of your kydex sheath without having to wait for it to dry.

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Got my MPU Friday. Nice knife, razor sharp. Have no problem with the skeletal handle which fits my small hand.

Christian, you are right that it's a tad heavy and bulky for a neck knife. Very visible print under the shirt. The weight and bulk could somewhat be reduced by removing what appears to be a belt loop piece on the back of the sheath. That would make the sheath/knife definitely a neck carry.

Maybe better yet, wait and see what the new sheath looks like.