I was gone

Feb 9, 1999
Well I stayed off the forums for a month. I think...Did you miss me? No!! Just wanted to say howdy....Gee I missed you guys
...Been to busy in LIFE'S chapters. But after I get a vacation, I'm gonna come up with some good topics...I did manage to get a Sebenza off StJames
(he did a solid deal too)Forumites are the best comrodery I know of....(however its spelled).....well gotta go back to work.
See yous in a few weeks.....
The Bartman
"Did you miss me?"

Yes! Have you figured out partially serrated edges suck yet?

-Cougar Allen :{)
Bartman -- did you experience any withdrawal symptoms?

Cougar won last month's raffle and is now a part of "our" club.

Welcome back!
Bart, glad you like the knife, now go back to work or they will never let you get out of town.

And dont even think about trying to grind any serrations into that Sebenza (shudder)

I don't even wanna got to that spot about Partial serrations...cause all I figured out is THAT ITS ONE OF MY FAVORITE EDGES....I just love to sharpen partly serrated blades...And I love to cut tomatos and poke at gallon jugs of water!!!!So stop hounding me about partially serrated blades
they shag baby they shag..yeeaa!!!James I won't put serrations on the SEB. Chris will though...ahhahhahah...just kidding!!
Wheres David Rock...he loves part serrations

see ya later
Bart, I guess you must have missed this http://www.tripleaughtdesign.com/serrated.htm when they were first offered.

Maybe you can get the blade on your damaged model replaced with one like that?

Whatever you prefer, you're the one who needs to be happy about your purchases. I hope we don't turn this thread into one of those plain/partial/fully serrated debates. I am just glad to see Bart back in the fold.


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I was JUST thinking about you, seriously!
Welcome back, pull up a chair and "sit a spell".
Yes Danelle I missed you!!AND cougar too!!Now wheres that David Rock? Problee eatin a peanut butter samwich..(spell chek)

Hey Danelle are they shippin those Starmates yet? Wanna get one and go see the "LAST Episode" and jump up in the middle of the lite saber battle waving my Starmate around making "swwiissh" noises..think they'll usher me out..