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Jul 23, 2015
Before I was ever a knife maker, I was a knife designer, and have spent countless hours in graphics programs designing fixed blade knives for myself and others. I am now offering that service to the bladeforums community because I enjoy it, and because I know a lot of people would rather spend their time in the shop working with their hands, than pounding keys on the computer.

For knife design, I ask an initial base price of $20 USD per design, and one revision, and $5 USD per revision thereafter. The more detail you provide, the better chance I have to nail it the first time around and save you money.

* If you have me also make the knife for you, then I will take the base cost of the initial design off the price of your finished knife.

Some good information to provide once you hire me for your design:
Length of the cutting edge, handle, and unsharpened ricasso length between them.

Straightness of the blade relative to the handle, or if it is upswept (like a Persian) or negative blade angle (like a Military).

Blade height at widest and narrowest point.

Type of blade profile and tip style.

Handle style, whether palm swelled, straight, tear drop shaped, or finger grooved (and how many grooves, such as all four, or neutral with one index finger groove, or two double sized finger grooves for the pinky/ring fingers and middle/index fingers, etc., or whatever other handle shape you come up with).

Handle height at widest and narrowest point.

It will also save on revisions if you send pics of multiple knives that you like the features from. Like the handle style of one knife, merged with the blade style of another, and scaled up or down according to your preference.

Note: Feel free to specify either metric or SAE units (e.g. inches) as I can work with either.

My designs will be emailed to you in .jpeg format, and here are a few examples of what that might look like:

Design example 1.jpg

Design example 2.jpg

After designing the knife according to your specification - or if you provide an image of an existing design, I can also prepare the design in CAD and send you .dxf files ready to be cut with laser, waterjet or plasma. These will be 2D files for cutting out the profile, pin holes and any skeltonizing. 3D modeling for blade grinds on CNC are not yet available.

The base price is $10 USD per design including one revision, and $2 per revision. It's essential for you to have an existing design already and image you can send me before I start on your CAD files.

Also highly intricate designs, such as those involving lots of tight angles, like spikes or fine jimping will be more expensive as they consume more time to plot. If in doubt, feel free to shoot me an email about your project, as there is no charge for an initial consultation and quote.

If you have multiple designs to make, I will be happy to work in a volume price reduction.
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