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I will never underestimate the mechanics of a liner lock again

Apr 16, 1999
I just finished reading The Tactical Folding Knife: A study of the anatomy and construction of the Liner-Locked folder

I was suprised into how much detail goes into a liner lock. But I do wish that there were plans or some more explanitions on how to build the nifty grinding jigs, and the other adapted jigs there too.

There is a brief explanition on Home workshop anodizing but I read about it here earlier.

Also I was impressed on what goes into heat treating ATS 34 as well.

Has anybody else read this book yet?

Sorry about the spelling and grammer errors, it was a long night yesterday.

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My copy arrived earlier this week, I read it cover to cover in one sitting...v interesting, clear pics, plenty of food for thought.
I bought the book when it first came out and after reading it 3 times I went out and made my first working liner-lock. I sold it at the Blade Show for $600. That Bob is a great guy.
Bruce B
Boy Bruce, if that isn't about the greatest testamonial I've ever heard then I don't how you could top it! Bob should use that one on the cover copy of his next printing.

Peter Atwood

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