I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours!

Oct 21, 2004
Share with me your NON-SD knife stories. You know the ones that make you stop and go "oh yeah, thats another good reason to carry a knife" for all those non believers.

My best friend called me up today and told me great "NON-SD" knife story, that reminds me of why it never hurts to carry around a useful tool. If your a humane person, you'll understand why this story is a good one. If your not, well then you might not find this up your alley.

I figure I'll share it anyway......My friend and I when asked why we carry knives like to remind people that they (knives) are one of the most useful tools you can have around. We will list off 10 or so reasons for carring a knife. Well today I had a phone call that went something like this:

"reason number 712 for carring a knife" :D

A deer had been hit by a car in city limits in a neighborhood and was injured enough that it would die, but not for some time. Rather than shoot the deer and scare the heck out of everyone around for firing a gun w/in city limits. A wonderful knife (the NATIVE) was used to cut the deers throat so it could bleed out and then the deer was removed w/ no trama to on lookers, no guns being fired. No one had a clue that the deers throat was cut so that Fish and Game could remove the deer.

People who don't understand the need for having a tool like a knife, are the same people who would be tramatized by the fact that they had to watch an animal die slowly in front of their children. They are the same people who would then scorn the person who took the time and effort to save the animal a long and painful death by putting it out of its misery. To all of them....I am ashamed of your ignorance.

I used to carry my Vaquero Grande on walks through our local woods. New Jersey doesn't fuss about blade length as long as the blade isn't being used aggressively. And that 6" can be handy.

One day I was cutting back a bush that had grown out over a trail that kids used coming home from school. Sure enough, a young girl came by, saw me slashing away with this monster knife, and gave me a big smile for clearing the thorns and branches back.

Another day I was on the far side of the lake and noticed scuffling on a branch. It was a robin, seriously tangled in fishing line. The wings were snarled and one leg was caught against a branch, and bleeding. Reaching over was clumsy, and the bird would really have gone nuts if I tried to hold it steady, so I extended the Vaquero Grande carefully, and with just the (very) sharp tip, cut and cut and cut at the line until the bird was almost free, just held by the leg. Then, with the bird now dropping under the branch and flapping back up, I managed to get the tip against the leg, pushed forward under the line, and the bird's next lurch did the trick. It dropped to the ground and scurried away into the undergrowth.

A small blade would have been useless both times.
Being an animal lover, I love to hear from others who share that respect for them.

My mustang got her tail tangled in a piece of barbed wire fence one day. I went out to feed and she was dragging around a 5 foot long piece of fence which was freaking her out a bit.

That morning I was only carring my Kershaw. (which thank goodness I keep as sharp as possible) Hair is a devil to cut thru if your knife isn't sharper than sharp. It took several saws to get it cut but it was quicker than it would have been with anything else. And as soon as the barbed wire was free my horse was off and running, kicking and thanking me. Her tail much to my dismay was now half as long as it had been, but she was free and she was happy again!

She seemed to like to stand in bushes too, because I've had to cut wild black berry bushes out of her tail as well. Not to mention I've used my leathermans tool countless times to pull rocks and things like that from her shoes when we are riding in the mountains.
I used a Benchmade Rescue Hook to remove the clothes of a patient who was stabbed 4 times in his back and left side. The EMT shears were pure crap and we needed to get him stripped quickly. I started from the shirt collar and in one motion sliced off his clothes down to the pants leg cutting through a leather belt and his under garments in less than 10 seconds. And being that he was stripped so quickly we were able to better assess the seriousness of his wounds and take immediate action to save his life, which we did. The paramedic aboard was so impressed that he went out and bought 10 of them for himself and the rest of his squad.
Most of my knife stories have had to deal with situations at work. People (even here on the board) wonder why I carry so many knives with me, but it all boils down to having the right tool for the right job. I work at a gated community in Scottsdale Az where we have an extremely large amount of wildlife including deer, coyotes, javalina (wild pigs), bobcats, an occasional mountain lion and a LOT of snakes including several types of rattlesnakes. Two instances worth mentioning, first, I had a resident call me and say that he had a snake caught up in a tennis net that had been folded up on the ground. I got there and found a 5' diamond back all tangled up. I ended up using a MT OTF as I held the snakes head and cut the netting off of him and then releasing him. The one handed feature and the long skinny blade made this possible and helped keep me from getting bit. The second instance was where a member in a Mercedes SUV hit a javalina of about 100 lbs at 40 mph. The pig (dead of course) was all jammed up under the front end. I used my Strider SMF, and even though it took me about a half hour was able to get that sucker cut out of there without any damage to the vehicle (other than impact damage). Both times I had the right knife for the right job and now I don't even get a second glance from members when I pull out any type of knife out from my pockets or off my belt or from around my neck or from out of my boot or... :D
I had this summer date with this hot new woman, I'm wearing sandals right? I notice my toenails are hideously long and I'm thinking "she's gonna be grossed out" so I gotta stop anyway to get some smokes at this stop-and-rob and I get out my busse active duty and carefully trim my toenails and scoop out some toe jam. She never commented on how great my toes looked but I did get some sofa time with her later. :D
Used a Browning folding guthook skinner and 2 shoe laces and 2 boot laces to retrieve a set of car/house keys on a keyring from the bottom of a grated sewer drain. That guthook can be pretty handy sometimes.
Devilnut: I agree with you......nasty on the toe jam! But hey I asked for the story and I got it....so no complaining on my end! :) Laughed my you know what off but not complaining!!!
Sorry about the toe jam part...it wasn't necessary. 9mm...it is a true story and the date was in Sandpoint Idaho by the way heh. Ever been up there? most beautiful lake city that hasn't been overpopulated (yet) by rich yuppies.
Not quite a knife story but the multitool had a knife in it.

About 6 years ago one winter I was on my way to work for the 3-11 shift, as I rounded the corner and headed up the mountain ridge, an older couple,(late 60's early 70's) were driving down, the road was covered in wet dirt and leaves on ashphalt, always in the shade, probably even some black ice was invovlved.

At the bottom of the road it Tee's, there's a house at the bottom with a enormous rock wall for protection, needless to say the couple was driving too fast and when the turn came up unexpectedly the driver hit the brakes and slid the brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee up onto the wall.

I heard the crash and turned back to see the Jeep up in the air with smoke coming out from under the hood.

The old man was out of the Jeep trying to pry the passenger door open to get his wife out, everytime she moved I could hear all kinds of noise coming from her neck, and she was complaining of a numbness in her arms and legs.

Not wanting her to move till the rescue squad arrived I tried to calm her, but she was afraid the Jeep would catch fire.

I went in on the driverside and told her to stay calm and the jeep wouldn't catch fire if she stayed still and trusted me. I popped the the hood and when I climbed out it was just as I suspected, the batteries + terminal was pushed into the frame and the cable was getting hot and the insulation was burning.

I whipped out my Leatherman Supertool and took the ground off the battery, the smoke stopped and the woman remained in the seat till the rescue squad showed.

The whole thing took less than 10 min. but felt like an eternity, never heard from the people,(didn't expect to) but I felt good, I did a good deed and my trusty Leatherman proved indispensible once again, and justified it's place above my right hip.
All kinds of things over the years, I suppose one of my favorites was one time I went to watch a baseball game with a bunch of friends. It was a company picnic type thing for the place they worked at so we were in an open area next to right field and there was a little park behind the field. We were standing by the fence right off the foul line and next thing I know this real good lookin lady walked right up to me and asked if I had a knife."Yep" I said as I pulled a folder form my right pocket. She held out a plastic bottle full of lightning bugs the kids she was watching had caught and asked if I would cut air holes in it. After I did, I handed it back to her and she gave me a big smile, said thanks and walked away, as all my buddies tried to pick their jaws up off the ground whispering "daaaamn...." :D

Then a more serious occasion, we were driving home from a horseshow and had a tire on our dually delaminate on the interstate. Tread came clear loose and tore the whole fender off the truck. Pulled off on the shoulder and I cut the back half of the fender off the truck with a homemade folder cause it was dragging on the ground and tangled in the tailpipes. Then I used my multi tool to take what was left of the running board off as the back half was ripped loose and rubbing the good tire and dragging on the ground.
Then we tried to lower the spare and it wouldn't come down. It had been stolen the year before and they didn't give us a new key for the crank when they put the new carrier in, so ours didn't match it. The horses were panicing from traffic flying by, so we drove another ten miles on the tire to a gas station. Got in there and tried to lower it again, it wouldn't come down. I tried to cut the cable with a pair of side cutters out of the horse trailer but they wouldn't even touch it. Finally I used the serrated blade on my multi tool (gerber 600) and sawed the cable in half (Had to lower the damn wheel down onto my chest!). So I finally had it free, we changed the tire and made it home without any more problems. I'll never go anywhere without a knife or multi tool again.
Great thread, keep them coming.

Just goes to show you, 364 days you might not need it but its always worth carrying something.
75blazer: I really wasn't complaining. :) I got a kick out of your story. Like I said I asked for stories and I'm getting them and lovin' every minute!

Yes I've been to Sandpoint. Beautiful area I agree. Having been born and raised here there isn't much of the state that I haven't at least seen. I'll confess out of my meager 29 years I've only lived outside of Boise for 8 of them. 6 on the Washington Coast, 1 in Spokane and 1 in Hagerman. Not many places to have lived, but I've traveled this wonderful state a lot!

Keep the stories coming, they are great and it just goes to show you, there is always a reason for carrying a knife....and no matter what anyone says, some time in their life they are going to say "dang, I wish I had a knife." and trust me in my head I'll be thinking...."Yeah, and you thought I was a freak...now look whos wishing they were savy like me!" (Ok well maybe I'm a little freaky, but who isn't) :)
Too many stories to single one out of, they are all pretty mundane anyway :) .Let's just say that I've answered the call of "anyone got a knife" more times than I can count.

I guess the most dramatic use woulda been when my dog tried to hang himself and I cut the cable (story's waaaay over told so here's the link: http://www.bladeforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=241297)

a few days after that my buddy and I got his truck stuck in the woods and used the same knife to cut some branches down for traction and a fire.

there was also another event when I got my truck stuck in a precarious position (about to roll) on a hill with GLARE ice and used my EK Bowie to stab out some frozen gravel from a nearby hill to get traction and get outta there, I'd have much preferred a pick and a shovel, but....

there was also a night when my brother, father and I got lost snowmachining up in the mountains and had to spend the night there quite unexpectedly. for the most part we were very underprepared. Funny thing with this one was that I'd ALWAYS been teased by them for carrying an emergency bag, but oddly enough the jokes stopped when we used my Victorinox Adventurer to cut down some limbs, and make a pad, and a fire. Incidentally They also didn't mind the hot apple cider I'd brought. The snowmachines were stuck, so we walked the ten miles or so back to the road the next morning, just in time to see the State Trooper helicopter searching for us once we made it two hundred yards from the road. :rolleyes: no fault of theres, said it was the first chopper they could safely get in the air. I've had several more instances of playing out in the woods and deciding to make a fire unexpectedly, but I guess that one was the most dramatic.

When I worked at traffic control at the airport I constantly used my knives to cut zip ties off of bags that the Tyrannical Sadist Agency had placed on there. Folks kinda tended to want more clothes while waiting outside in the winter. Also used my Leatherman to open umpteen bottles of baby formula, cut tape, etc. out there. wound up bringing home lotsa free Salmon and Halibut from helping people pack thier coolers with it. The irony of it all? I woulda been fired on the spot if I had been caught carrying them vile weapons. :D
I was on a field trip with school in my wildlife biology class and my teacher got his truck (chevy) stuck in the mud. I used my truck (ford) to help him out. We used a rope, as we had no chain or tow strap, to hook my truck to his. After I heroically pulled him out, we had to go on down the road our seperate ways, but from the pulling of the rope the knot was tied to tight to untie. Teacher had a leatherman multi tool and was trying to cut the rope. The rope was about an inch or more in diameter, and was very tough, tough enough to hold up under the weight of a 96 chevy silverado. His multi tool wasn't getting much done, so I got out my Al Mar SERE Operator and cut the rope (with very little effort I might add) and we went our seperate ways. Without my sharp knife, we would have been there quite a while longer, trying to cut a hefty rope with a dull knife. :cool:
Runs with Scissors....lol!
I used to get a lot of flak (pre-Y2K) about my 'paranoid preparedness' from various people for carrying a bug-out-bag behind the seat of my pickup. One of the most vocal was my bud's wife whose mouth shut with an audible snap after her girlfriend fell down a riverbank and got tangled in some barbwire that was mixed up in a brushpile. Her hand was bleeding profusely from a jab from a broken branch and she was screeching loudly. After quieting the scene by dispatching the source of the noise with my trusty Blackjack Classic Blades Model 1-7 across her neck, I ran back up to the truck to get a folding shovel to facillitate burying the remains of the offensive cow after cutting some choice bits for catfish bait with the SAK I was carrying....
Hold on....hold on.... actually I went back for the moderately inclusive first aid kit and we made her all better and she was all sweet on me for being a hero even though I liberally shredded her Old Navy shorts getting her loose from the wire. :p
1) I was at a potluck, and no one was able to open a pre-made salad in a sealed bag. I got up, opened my knife, and cut it apart from the middle. Everyone was able to get salad, and the potluck was a success!

2) I was snowboarding with friends, and when we were ready to go home, we found our car windows had iced over. The ice was so thick and dense (some cars had been parked for three days), everyone's scrapers weren't doing squat. I opened my knife, and scraped the windows at a low angle, avoiding the weather stripping. We drove home safe!

I'm also the "knife guy" at work when people need to open boxes. Yay me.
A spoon got tangled in the disposal unit and i used my SOG Powerlock to pull it out. Because of that everyone didn't need to throw their leftovers in the garbage bin.

Another time my neighbours locked themselves out of the house and i gave my dad my SAK to cut the thick padlock with the metal saw. I couldn't do it 'cos i couldn't climb over the gate.