Important Busse Information Consolidation Sticky!!!

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Mar 26, 2000
Alright kids, in an effort to cut down on clutter, here are links to VERY IMPORTANT information you need to know about in the world of Busse Knives.

Please look into the information offered and referred to in these links.

A lot of good stuff, a lot of important items for your reading pleasure

*** There are to be no further postings of the "jerkit" smilie on this forum.
It does not fit in with the forum personna, is juvenille at best, is in extremely poor taste, and adds nothing material that the "rolleyes" can not.
In response to public demand, first time, a warning. Anyone posting it again will get an infraction, unless they show their extrememly immature side, and act the fool, then immediately they will be banned. Post it a third time, banned.

1) Busse Production, Company Store, fact finding, and auction/sale spotting information

2) Busse Help Site - Acronyms, Porn Links, and Definitions

3) Consolidated Blade 2008 Picture thread

4) Nothing But Pics....(No Chatting Please)

5) Hogs of the Round Trough

Hope this helps in reducing the sticky count, but there is a lot to know, and many new folks looking for information may not have search privileges because of their membership level.

Let me know if anything else will help.

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