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Improved Model Kershaw Mini-Task.


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Oct 2, 1998
Does Dex or anyone know when the "improved model" Mini-Task will come on the market? As some of you may have read on another post, Chin answered my concerns about this knife, and said to expect the "improved" model. Is it here yet? I can't wait to get one.
Hello Gene,

I don't know when the improved 1500's will hit the market. If they are not already out, then it will be pretty soon. I hear that Kershaw is producing the Oinion knives in small batches so they can have a tighter grip on the QC-ing of these knives. Sit tight my friend!
Thanks Dex, and please keep us informed when they release them. I plan to add both models to my collection. By the way, I also like "sheeps foot" blades, and think if more people gave them a chance, they would like them better. Like you said in another post they are so-o-o easy to sharpen, and are handier than one might think. It is one of the reasons I like the Mini-Task so much.
I sent two Mini-Tasks back to Kershaw for glitches, and they replaced them with two newer production specimens. A couple of things I noticed in the new ones are that the liner lock spring sticks to the tang a little more than the first ones did, and the words "1500 - ATS34" are etched in smaller type on the right side of the blade than the first ones were.

The production guy at Kershaw I talked to said that there is a bit of a ricasso at the rear end of the blade, ever since the general manager cut himself on pre-production that was sharpened all the way back.