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Impulse Wow

Oct 3, 1998
Just bought a plane edge Impulse today for 41 bucks! I realy like it it's going to replace some more expencive knifes for daily use. Very sharp right out of the bo
Jim Smith

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I don't think people have caught on yet to what an outstanding knife the Impulse is . This knife breaks new ground in the "quality
for price" field.You really have to handle one to understand that twice the money is
what it takes to = the Impulse . I was also
suprised at how well it holds an edge .I
can't make any comparisons yet but I know
it does as well or better then aus-8.
Hello, just received one (and 3 other knives) yesterday. Very nicely put together, solid, nice weight, Not a sigle flwa I can find, makes me wonder what the original would be like.

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I brought my Impulse into a (wildly overpriced) local knifeshop, where I had asked about the knife earlier but no one had ever heard of it. I showed it to the salesman, who played with it and then said "so, I'd say that set you back about what, $200?" Of course, $200 in his shop = $130 elsewhere in the world, but you get the idea - this is a GREAT knife for the money. I will say, however, that I'm having some trouble learning to sharpen it.

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Thanks for the great comments about the Impulse. David Bloch did a great job of making this knife a great value for the dollar.
I have to say I was happy with the end results!
Thanks for the kind words.

As for the Krait knife... They are a few left around... The quality is the best I can give it.. :]

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Take a look!!!

Just bought one too. I don't know what to say. It's surprisingly (and thankfully) smooth for its price and it's one of the most comfortable knives I've ever handled. My intention was to have this as a model for the original Krait. Darrel, I still can't decide between the Krait and the Apogee! And thanks to David Bloch/Outdoor Edge.

Fayetteville, AR


I missed the last sentence in you post. What seems to be the problem? I'd imagine sharpening the Impulse with a wide benchstone would be difficult. But I bet a Spyderco Sharpmaker will be helpful here. Or were you referring to some other problem?

Fayetteville, AR

Sharpmaker 204 is the way to go for sharpening the Impulse. If you don't have one, take the plunge! You will be happy you did. That thing will sharpen just about anything that has an edge on it.
The Sharpmaker does a great job on my Impulse. I would venture to say that I can get a sharper edge than the one that it came with, BTW it came hair poppin' sharp out of the box. With the Sharpmaker, you are able to get a very fine edge with this particular steel (12C27) used in the Impulse. A great knife and a great sharpening system. Can't go wrong with either of'em.

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Darrel, I still can't decide between the Krait and
the Apogee! And thanks to David Bloch/Outdoor Edge.

I am glad you like it. . the apogee is a tough knife.. Its built with a different system. David and I worked very hard to prove that an import knife could take the market by surprise. Im glad its working!!!

Sharpen the impulse with the spyderco sharpmaker as suggested. Its a real winner on any knife.

Web Site At www.infinet.com/~browzer/bldesmth.html
Take a look!!!