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In LA on vacation and looking for some knife stuff to do.

By LA, I assume you mean Los Angeles.

If so, go visit Recon-1 in Tarzana. They have an INCREDIBLE selection of production knives. But, be warned that they are not nice people. Great place to browse and check out the stuff before you buy it.

Martin Retting in Culver City is a well known gun shop that has a decent selection of production knives and a nice selection of custom knives. Very nice and helpful people.
Thanks for the tips Don. Going to a swap meet in La Mirida today, it's suppose to be very large. My friends say you can find anything there. RGDS
I live in the LA area, but I haven't been to Recon-1 myself, to know whether they are nice people or not, but if the guy running a store thinks somebody is brousing and checking out his merchandise before he buys . . . somewhere else, he may be less than helpful.

One very interesting and unique store to check out in the Los Angeles area is The Sword and the Stone in Burbank. Take a look at their web page at www.swordandstone.com for samples of their wares, and how to find and contact them. Their hours are irregular, depending on whether they're working on a rush job for some movie studio. Everything you need for a renaissance fair or a sword and sorcery adventure.

Thanks James, I'm down in Bellflower and I understand Burbank is about 1 hour+ away. The Sword and Srone web site does look interesting, do they make equiptment for Mid-evil Times?

A report on the swap meet in La Mirada is encouraging. Found one guy who has Benchmade, Spyderco, Kershaw, Gerber etc. and was willing to discount anything he had to beat prices on the Internet. Bought a Harpy NIB even though I really didn't need one.
James hits the nail on the head again.

I've done Recon-1 several times and they are incredibily well-stocked with not only the usual production knives, but also some customs and some Chris Reeves.

They do lean on the gruff side, but that sometimes depends on who you speak with and whether they've been fed yet or not
Well, they are a survival equipment store.. if that explains anything.

Prices are reasonable for a store, but they don't seem willing to negotiate.

I live north of LA, and there's not much you can find unless you happen to go 150 miles north to the town of Solvang, where there's Nordic Knives... a good place for Randalls and other collectibles.
You might want to check in on Phill Hartsfield, a little south of you, on Brookhurst St. in Fountain Valley if you have a car and some time.
If you get lettle time, go down to Plaza Cutlery at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa. You can even order a Tanto Sebenza there!! IIRC, I think they even have a pre-production/proto on display. Have fun here in the City of Angel!
Plaza Cutlery is another one to check out. They are in South Coast Plaza, a shopping mall in Costa Mesa. The mall is just northwest of the junction of the 55 and 405 Freeway. Good selection of customs and a full line of production stuff.

Doug Gray
(a former LA'er now in S. FL)
Recon-1 has one of the best selections around here. But they are steeply priced. I've found that about 1/2 the staff is friendly, and the rest not so friendly. I think it's a family run deal. Plaza Cutlery has a great selection too. With some great customs, all the hot production knives, and cool staff.
Go to Ross Cutlery in downtown LA. Corner of Broadway and 3rd St. They have plenty of knives. Celebrities including Nick Cage, Jack Nicholson, and O.J. buy knives there. The sales people don't know much about knives, so ask to see one of the owners who are always there. They're nice people and love to talk about knives.
Ross cutlery is great! If you get down near San Diego way call me (days-619-285-1305 eves-760-945-7177) we can get together at my place and talk knives, possibly take a shop tour.
Dave ellis, ABS, M.S.
Ross Cutlery and Plaza Cutlery are both great stores. Well worth the trip. Also, if you find yourself on the west side check out Martin B. Retting in Culver City. Here's their URL http://www.retting.com/
They're a gun store but they also have a great selection of knives, both production and custom, including Sabenzas, Crawford, Emerson, Dozier, Nealy amd alot more. Reasonably nice people, at least as far as gun store people go.


Mike Melone
"One loves to possess arms, though they hope never to have occasion for them." --Thomas Jefferson to George Washington, 1796