In Memorium for a Small Sebenza

Jun 8, 2000
It's sad but true. My lil Sebbie passed last night. At least it passed from my pocket to an unknown cab driver as far as I can tell. I was in Las Vegas at the CES show and my wife and I were running a little late getting between dinner and the Blue Man Group show (awesome!). To make exiting the cab as quick and easy as possible I reached into my pocket and grabbed my cash (in an Al Mar Cash Clip), peeled off an appropriate amount and stuck my money back in my pocket. The cabbie stopped, I gave him the fare and we jumped out just in time to make the show. Because I was distracted by the show, I didn't notice until hours later that the lil Sebbie was missing from my pocket. I'm sure I dislodged it when grabbing the cash and that it ended up in that anonymous cab never to be seen again (at least by me).

I'm such a freaking moron. This is exactly how I lost a William Henry carbon fiber Lancet two years ago at the same damn trade show!

I have vowed to never pull out my money clip while seated in a cab again.

I am really bummed.

You need to be taught some discipline...

You are hereby sentenced to Forty Lashes and restricted access to you knives for one month.:)
That is why I hate pocket clips and keep my knives in a nice sheath or at the bottom of my pocket.

Damn shame, but do try and contact the cab company. My wife once left a camera that had belonged to her father in a cab in Washington, DC, while on her way to the airport. When she contacted the cab company they actually shipped it out to her in California, free of charge.

Sometimes people surprise you in a good way :)

Besides that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the show? ;)
Originally posted by jmxcpter
It's sad but true. My lil Sebbie passed last night.

My honest condolences. :(

My day - no, week - would be ruined if I lost my Sebbie.

Well, there must be one happy new passanger - or cab driver - somewhere.

But maybe the cab company is worth of asking - at least I would.
Call the cab company! There are still a few honest people out there and at least a few of them are cab drivers, I bet'cha! :)

Larry S.
This is why I NEVER put anything in the same pocket that my knife is in. I just could not stand to pull something out and find that I had lost my TNT or Sebbie.:eek:
Sorry dude
I hope whoever finds it gives it as good a home as you did. If I lost a knife the thought of it going to a future/convert knifeknut would be a little comforting!
I agree call the cab company, worth a shot!
>"Call the cab company! There are still a few honest people out there and at least a few of them are cab drivers, I bet'cha! :)"


One time in the Bahamas our cabbie drove off unwittingly with my Dad's camera still in the trunk. It was a nice one too. We had a couple hours to kill before our flight out, so we took another cab over to the airport (where most of the taxis congregate) to look for the guy. We asked some of the cabbies there and they told us that some guy said two tourists had left a camera in his car and he was trying to find out how to return it. Just then, he drove up to where we were standing and, with a big grin on his face, returned it. Needless to say, we were flabbergasted, thinking we'd never see it again. That episode alone really made our trip. Don't ya love a happy ending!? :D
Call the cab company, jmx, what do you have to lose?
This happened in Las Vegas in the middle of a big trade show (100,000 attendees) and I don't have a clue as to which cab company it was. I know there are many different cab companies in Vegas and wouldn't know where to start.

Thanks for all yhe sympathy.

Originally posted by Dr van Nostrom
the thought of it going to a future/convert knifeknut would be a little comforting!

Unfortunately, if a non-knife nut finds it, they will more than likely do like most people when they see a Sebenza for the first time and say, "Man this is one ugly, plain looking knife.";), not knowing about or appreciating the attention to detail. Then they will hock it for a little dough at the local pawn shop. Sorry, I'm just a realist. Of course, maybe another knife nut was at the show, and has always wanted a Sebbie, but couldn't afford one, and they found it. You never know. Maybe that person comes here, and will see this post and know now who that sebbie belongs to and will return it to you. I know, wishful thinking, but it could happen.

I would think that you would start carrying either your money or your knife in seperate pockets! Depending on weather yourt are right or left handed, keep the money in the opposite pocket. I am right handed but I always keep my money clip in my left front pocket.
I'm sorry for your loss.
That sux!!:(
This is the exact reason I am such a cheap ass when I buy knives, I know I'd lose an expensive knife, or for that matter, my D!ck if it wasn't so firmly attached.
But with my PDA in my front left, wallet in right rear and hankerchief in the left rear, I don't really have any other pockets to consider. When I lost the WH, I laid part of the blame on the design of the clip as it's very smooth and pretty small. I thought the clip on the Sebenza was solid enough to hold tight.

I guess I was wrong. Part of the charm of a knife like this is that it's small and light and fairly unobtrusive. It seems to almost disappear when in your pocket. Unfortunately, it seems like that makes it easier to not notice right away when it goes missing.

To make matters worse, after teh expense of the trip, I'm not going to be replacing it right away either.

Sorry about your loss JMX. Sometimes I worry about losing mine but I back up carrying it by the fact that it is meant to be carried and used....not put in a sock drawer. I've carried mine now for about a month and I've just started to appreciate it's true worth.
When you do replace your Sebenza, and I hope that time passes quickly until you do, please get it a Gary Graley sheath like striper28 suggested. I am so sorry for your loss.
The charm of my small Sebenza was that it was a real blade that was unobtrusive enough to be carried in business attire and incredibly well made. I work in sales, not installation and a knife on my belt wouldn't be appropriate in my work envrironment.

After prompting from you folks, I did a web search and found that Vegas has 14 Taxi companys. On the second call I found one that owns 4 of them and has a centralized lost & found. The woman I spoke with was very professional and seemed truly interested in helping me find my lost item. She then took a lost item report from me with a detailed description and all my contact info, also where I was picked up, where I was dropped off, time etc.. It was a little freaky as most people generally think of cab companies as somewhat sleazy and it seemed like I was geting good customer service. It seems that people leave a lot of stuff in cabs (I understand a small item that slips out of your pocket, but how do you forget your laptop case?). At least this group of Taxi companies have developed a system to try to deal with the situation in a positive way. I'll call the rest of them tomorrow.

The customer service rep did mention that they don't see a lot of lost pocket knives, so I have to believe that there are less folks carrying pocket knives than I thought, or when someone finds one, they tend to keep it (normal people don't understand that a pocket knife can be a sentimental item, a valuable item or both).

I doubt I'll ever see the lil Sebbie again. If I do, I'll be shocked, but I'll make the calls anyway. I think it would be really freaky if I ended up getting both knives lost in Las Vegas cabs back. That would be surreal.

In an interesting twist, I had posted a thread before leaving for the show asking wheather I should take the lil Sebbie, or the Benchmade 941D2CF I have. The replies were split, but I have to say that I think I'd have been even more bummed if I'd lost the 941D2CF. I made the decision to take the Sebbie partially out of guilt for having left it on the shelf for so long since getting the BM. I wanted to re-connect with the design and I think in a survival situation I'd rather have the small Sebbie but for every day cutting I really like the 941 design. When I'm in casual clothes where I don't to have to worry about appearances so much, I carry a Socom Elite, which I would miss in a second if it left my pocket because of the bulk.

If I choose to replace the small Sebenza, I'm torn between getting a used decorated BG42 model to carry as I'd always wished I got a decorated one originally, or getting a new unique decorated one with S30V and a Sapphire inlaid in the tooling hole. Of course for that much money I could probably get a custom JWS folder.....which is another issue entirely.

I guess I don't have to make a decision right away as we had a really great Xmas and a good time in Vegas even with the knife loss, so it's time to put the spending brakes on for a while.

jmxcpter -

When you get it back (I am being positive here) you should try carrying it inside your waist band just behind your hip bone.

I carry my small sebie like this every day and you do not notice it is there, until you put on loads of weight over Christmas that is :(

A normal 1 1/4 or 1 1/2" belt on dress trousers covers most of the visable clip and if your shirts blouse over your waist band a bit you will hardly see it at all even if you are looking.

Clips do tend to chew up the back of belts with this carry method but as this is not visable it does not matter much.
Because of your story, I just converted mine for pocket carry in a Reeve slip case.
truly sickening. If I lost my sebenza I'd be pretty damn upset. I'd probably be so upset that I'd have little if NO faith I'd get it back... Bravo to you for having hope. Bravo! YOU HAVE to call the cab companies! I feel pretty good about this one... but then there's always that...

What if YOU found a sebenza? ESPECIALLY if you diddn't know what it was... just a super great knife!

...still... I think It'll be ok.