Indian Army Kukris

Nov 2, 1999
For some time Atlanta Cutlery and some other folks as well have been selling the Indian army issue kukri (or so they claim).
Does anyone have any experience with it?
It seems to be priced right.
Thanks for your input.

The khukuris that A.C. sells are junk. This is not conjecture, I own one. I don't have time to get into details, but believe me I am speaking from experience.
Get a real khukuri from either Ghurka House or Himalayan Imports. You will spend more, but you will have a real khuk you will be proud to display and/or use.

--Mike L.

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I actually did find a few uses for the Atlanta Cutlery khukris.

1. They make useful gardening implements for extreme eging and root whacking. You don't really care when you hit a rock because you can't sharpen them anyway.

2. You can use them as throwing implements instead of the usual knives or hatchets.

3. Just for fun, you can take your khukri to someone who specializes in sharpening and watch them try to put an edge on it.
I bought an Indian made Kukri for $25 on ebay. It has a full tang and is made of carbon steel that is .20 to .25 inch thick along the spine. The handle material is some type of hardwood held together with what appears to be two screw type rivets. I sharpened mine with a 25 degree back bevel and a 30 degree primary bevel. I took it deer hunting and used it to cut two shooting lanes 100yds long through not so thick mixed hard and soft wood. I was able to cut small pine trees about inch thick with a single chop while bending the tree over and larger trees up to four inches thick with more effort.
I am sure that the Himalayan Imports and Gurkha House versions are far superior but they are also far more expensive. If you have the money I would probably go that route. But in my opinion the Indian made version is not junk and proved to me to be a good chopper, especially for 25 bucks.

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After re-reading the above couple of threads I am wondering if you guys have the same Kukri I have. Mine is stamped "India" on the base of the blade dear the handle. I am surprised that you guy's couldn't put an edge on yours as mine could shave hair after sharpening?

Kevin Miller
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Look to the Lord and His strength, seek His face always.
The main problem with really cheap blades is not that you can't at times get a decent one, but that the QC is extremely low and there is no guarantee on what you will get. I have had three tourist class khukuris so far and all of them were very soft and had poor steel. I could dent the edge up severely on hardwoods (quarter size and bigger), and of course it takes no lateral strength at all to bend the blade.

As for making something sharp, that is not really a sign of steel quality but more of the skill of the user.

I purchased my two indian army khukris from Atlanta Cutlery a long time ago (1987). They obviously weren't high quality products, but I didn't pay much for them either. I couldn't sharpen my khukris because they were ground to a "U" on the edge instead of a "V" and I only had a set of stones. I took them to someone with a belt grinder and watched him try to put an edge on them. Although he wasn't able to set a good edge, they were useful for rough chopping in the garden. And, like I said earlier it was fun throwing them at targets.
My Indian Kukri from Atlanta Cutlery has worked good also for me the last 15 years. it has been put on a belt grinder and gets very sharp. It has done some heavy chopping over the years and,sure ,,it surely isnt a Nepal model. But it has pretty impressive steel to my mind. It sharpens right up. I brought this subject up months ago(Indian Kukri) but i am glad to see a few people are happy with this cheapie Kukri.
Thanks to all for your replies.
My feeling of the consensus is that they're not a bad buy for light-to-medium duty use.

Himalayan Imports. pay $100, get a khukri that will last longer then you will. They are awesomely good for the price. They have a forum here, go take a look.