Indiana Knife Law

Aug 11, 1999

Does anyone know what the legal carry limit on blade length in Indiana is. I have not been able to get a straight answer anywhere else.

Thanks alot,

Drac Noroc
Hi Drac;
I did a quick check on Indiana's weapon law, Statute 35-47 (sections 5 and 7), and it appears that there is no fixed blade size or length defined by state statute.
Hoosier law does prohibit auto knives or switchblades (section 7) and requires the reporting of any injury or wound inflicted by a knife (and just about any weapon).
This information came from a quick scan of Indiana's Criminal Statutes as posted on their Access Indiana webpage. I am not a lawyer -- or a Hoosier -- so don't trust your most expensive custom blades to my five-minute research.

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Thanks for the info. I gave a friend a CS Gunsite II for his b-day . It is a large knife. I know I can allways find the info I need here.

Thanks agian for the info and links,

Drac Noroc