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Inexpensive Neck Knife

Mar 31, 1999
I just received a nice, inexpensive blade I'm wearing as a neck knife. It is the Outdoor Edge Wedge II. I love the blade shape, and the locking sheath lets me carry it in confidense that I won't end up with a skinned belly.

And it is really quite sharp! (That last statement was made by my thumb which was sliced nicely while practicing some defensive moves!
With defense like that, who needs an opponent?!

I haven't had a chance to really test it out yet (other than on my thumb!). Anyone out there have one and care to comment? TIA

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I have the first model and like it. It is very easy to put a razor edge on it and holds an edge surpisingly well. The only problem I have seen has been with the plastic tab that holds the knife in the sheath. It will weaken with repeated draws of the knife from the sheath. It will take A LOT, but it will weaken. I haven't tried it, but if heat is very carefully applied to the tab, it could be bent into its original position. For the price, this is a great knife. I believe I paid all of $9.00 for mine.