INFI Contest Update. More Prizes to be awarded!

Jerry Busse

Aug 20, 1999
Due to the overwhelming response to this post we have decided to increase the number of Mean Street prizes to four. I should’ve contacted you guys when I was trying to develop this stuff? I now have about 20 new ideas on steel additives. Here’s the update on the progress of the contest. Three people have guessed the correct ingredient. As of now, only the first two correct answers count. The third mention was in a multiple guess post and is therefore disqualified. So. . . . the next two correct guesses will also win Busse Combat Mean Streets ($217.00 value). Everyone now gets one more shot at it. Please post your response under the contest thread. Only one guess per post, contest ends Today @ 11:00 p.m. EST.

Good Luck,
Jerry Busse
Wolfram. Well Jerry? Nobody actually guess wolfram did they?

who dares, wins

beryllium, and can we, If were right, trade the mean street for a knife of equal or lesser value?
Sorry, put it in the other thread.

Just re-read your post.

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I'm tell you guys, it's the blood of Dick Clark.


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