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Infi Scrapper 4..

May 16, 2006
I ordered one on the 22nd and eagerly awaiting as this is my first Busse knife. Ordered was confirmed and got a"click and confirm" from the usps for delivery on the 27th. Waited all day and never came! Went back on usps click and confirm and it said" no record of the item" !! Today I checked again and it notified me it was being sent out today and no word yet of delivery. What gives??
I never got any tracking info either, but then again out of the few times I have ordered from them I've never got a click and confirm.
I did email them twice but no response yet. This is my first order, maybe because I'm a new customer? Just checked the track and confirm again and it says to expect the package. Maybe they just sent it??
From what I have heard, the Street Scrapper 4's were not sent out untill the 26'th and who knows if they were able to send out all of them in one day.
I ordered mine on the 21st, and when I check my account at Scrap Yard, it just says invoiced.
When I ordered my Scrapper 6, it was 10 days from date of order to it's arrival. I hope this helps!
I am so excited about the Street Scrapper 4!! This is my first INFI knife! Wahooooooooooooooooooo!!
If you go PM Patti, she is pretty good about answering PM's.
You should have got an email like this:

Your name here,

Thank you for shopping with Scrap Yard Knives at http://shop.scrapyardknives.com.
This automated e-mail serves as your receipt. Please do not reply to this e-mail.

Order Summary

Invoice ID: 000000XXXX

Order Date: Thu, Dec 21, 2006 09:48:14

$298.85 will be charged to your Visa card numbered xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx.

Order Contents:

Qty Item # Description Price Total
Each Price
2 75027 STREET SCRAPPER 4 139.95 279.90
Subtotal 279.90
Tax 0.00
Shipping & Handling 18.95
Balance Due 298.85

Special Instructions:
Happy Holidays

The order will be shipped to:
Your name here
Your adress here

You will receive a confirmation e-mail providing shipping details when your order is shipped.

View your order invoice online by visiting http://shop.scrapyardknives.com/printInvoice.hg?encId=XXXXX...

Thank you for shopping with us.

- Scrap Yard Knives
I did get the invoice same day I ordered it. Guess I thought they had it in stock ready to go. Now track and confirm says to expect it in the mail. Can't wait to get it as this is also my first INFI! Also waiting for a Howling Rat ! Got to start saving again!
The problem is timing.

I'm sure they started selling as soon as they completed inventory.

It is Christmas time so shipping was delayed slightly.

It's still going to be faster than a lot of other online retailers will deliver.
containing the invoice, but it sounds like some people are receiving notice that the knives are shipping, and I haven't received any notice of that. I wish I'd ordered two. Really, honey, it's an investment.