info. on knives from Wicked Knife Co.?


Nov 4, 1998
I have heard some good things about Newt Livesay's knives, mostly about the Woo. What about his other knives? Any info. is appreciated. Thanks
You can check out Newt's knives here:
The Woo can be had with a cord wrapped handle and grip serrations from Newt. I bought one before those options were offered and added them myself so mine is a little different from the standard production. Here is a pic.

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The smaller knife in the picture is Newt's new and now discontinued Ti Tiger.

Order a Woo from Newt. If you don't like it, I'll buy it from you.

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Wow! I didn't read the date correctly on that original post. What was I thinking?!?
I own four of Newt's creations, and don't think anyone can come close for the money.These are "using" blades, so don't be shy about cutting with them!

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You can't go wrong with Newt's knives if you want to use them and not just look at them. Newt is an easy-going guy. He builds a quality product at an affordable price. He stands behind his product
I bought a WOO. At $25, I didn't think there was anything to lose for trying it, and there wasn't.

The only thing it really lacks is gripping serrations on the back of the blade, but I think I'll add them myself somehow.

I bought the serrated version, it's what some retailers call a combo edge, though I was hoping for a fully serrated blade. It will rust if not cared for, so I'll probably have it sent to be chromed along with the blade of my CQC7. Oh, and it's probably one of the strongest usefull neck knives I've ever seen.

The sheath is pretty nice, though I would have preferred that it be folded from the top(tip end), so that it would make a loop for the cord/chain. Belt attachments would also have been nice.

Hmm, that Bushi looks pretty nice too.
I like Newt's Knives very much.
I bought mine for Wilderness Survival Purposes.RTAK,Air Assault,U.S.Marshal,L.P.,G-45.
All of them are Excellent.
I would trust that they would work for me for the hard use of Survival Skills.

Jeff S
I'm currently trying to decide between a Woo, a Little Pecker, a Culloden, and a Mini Tac. I need it to be an effective backup weapon but primarily as a utility TOOL. Whatcha think?

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for utility use the LP is the way to go

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I just got a Little Pecker last week. I was considering a woo, but like you, I wanted a utility tool as well. The LP is a great little knife. It'll take a very sharp edge, and the blade shape is great for slicing and other util type functions. The only thing so far that it's not really good at is rope cutting. It will do it fine, just takes more effort because there isn't much straight edge; most of the edge curves. I think the woo or ngrs would probably cut rope faster, but the LP is better shaped for everything else utility.As a last ditch defensive weapon, the LP has a broad blade, and would make a nasty wound channel if used for stabbing. The curve should make it's slicing ability obvious...
For utility, the Culloden isn't very good. Fragile point, small handle.