Inova T3


Jul 20, 2000
Got one of these coming and wanted to see if anyone else had one yet. It is the model that uises two of the 3v. 123's. It has a high powered 3.2 watt LED and is rated at 85 lumens. I wanted to find out if the lens is pyrex or a plastic. Here is a pic from TAD
I don't know anything about that light, and I never will.
I bought an X5 which doesn't work half the time. I can't get through to Inova on their website. I'll never buy another Inova.
I'll stick with Streamlight.
I hope you have better luck than I did.
You might try
I have one - it is my "evening go walking" light. I also carry a Surefire Z2 and a 1911. But the light in my hand during the walk is the T3. Darn fine light!!!!
I may be receiving a T3 as a gift soon. But am a bit apprehensive about its output rating. I had an X-0 model which is a 1 watt and an T-2 which is a 2 watt. The X- 0 not only had a wider spill but apparently a more intensive beam than the T-2! It is simply brighter than than the T-2. :eek: And the T-2 beam is a bit narrow. Am I missing something here? Or is there a QC issue here on Inovas part? It is notable though, that the checkered pattern on the T series offer an amply secure grip.

I' ll also add that the T-2 offers a more pure white beam than the X-0, which has a slight blue hue.