integral lock / cleaning & lubing

Jun 27, 2001
When I first got my Sebenza, the lock engaged about 2/3 of the tang, but after I took it apart, cleaned it, lubed it with Rem-Oil (teflon based; great stuff; less than $2 at Wal-Mart) and put it back together, it covers almost the entire tang (maybe 7/8). Is this OK, or should I be worried? I lubed the tang and the lock disengages much more easily than before, which is why I suspect it snaps in farther.

See stjames unofficial FAQs on this forum. There is a complete definitive answer to your question (and many others) there. Walt
Monkey, someone with more knowlege than I or a better command of technical mechanical terms could probably explain it better but, basically, it is for the parts and mating surfaces to set and sort of find themselves again after being separated.

Do not let my attempt as sarcasm misguide you; I am being quite serious in my reply.
I wiped the lube off of the tang and reassembled the knife by tightening the handle screws first and then sliding in the blade assembly, as suggested in stjames' FAQ, and the lock works perfectly now (at the 75% factory specs).
It is also possible to control the amount of lockup by adjusting the sleeve on the stop pin.
Actually, you rotate the sleeve on the stop pin to adjust for wear on the stop pin itself. Over time it can develop a flat spot where the blade hits it, so you need to rotate it to a fresh spot to make contact.