Interested in a Madpoet tribute?

Feb 4, 1999
I am playing with the idea of making a tribute page for the recently departed Madpoet, Mel Sorg. His influence on Bladeforums was undeniable, and his knives are being appreciated around the world, I would guess. Anyway, I wanted some feedback...
The idea would be to basically construct a webpage showing off his knives. Other people can do a much better job with telling us about who Mel was as a person, as I knew him mainly through doing business with him. In any case, I think a photo essay of sorts, along with anecdotes from contributors, would be really nice for folks to look at. I have a few days off in October (toward the end) and would like to do this all then if possible (or at least the bulk of it).
What I would like to do:
1) Collect as many pictures of Mel's work as possible. This would include photos which have already been posted here and other places on the web (as much help locating these photos as possible would be GREATLY appreciated). I would also ask people who have Mel's knives to photo them and send pictures to me (they would be returned if wanted). I could scan them and upload them myself. Unfortuantely I cannot handle attachments, so emailed pictures would not be usable.
Alternatively, you could send the knife to me for photographing (I do a better than average job, I could honestly say) and then I could return the knife to you, of course. That would run the risk of having an irreplaceable knife get lost in the mail, but chances of that happening are slim.
2) After I have all the pics scAnned and uploaded I would construct a webpage showing them off with as detailed descriptions as possible. I would also like to add anecdotes, in the form of interesting stories about the knife itself, your dealings with Mel, if it was custom made, how the project came to fruition, etc. Whatever!

Anyway, this would be a fitting tribute to someone most of us would agree was a spectacular knifemaker. If you're interested or have input, please post it and if we can get the ball rolling then let's do it!

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Chiro, Well done! I'm in for sure. I'll ask some Professional Photographers here to take the pic for me.(I'm in the Advertising line so this is not a problem) I'll send the pics via pos once it's done, your address please? I think Mel would like this...
I have a unfinished knife that I bought at Mel's estate auction. I bought it more as a donation to the family. Do you want pics of it? Mel will be missed.

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Will be going back to camp this week. Bring back the bigger half of my Madpoet set and take some photos the best I can along with my "pocket bowie". Don't want to send any of these knives anywhere since they are valued by me and now irreplaceable.


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I don't blame you, Sing. It looks like we have enough to at least build a foundation for this thing to build from. I can contact Mel's friend, Wade, and probably get access to all the photos that were on Mel's computer, too. They aren't ideal, but they will serve the purpose certainly. For photos I am mainly looking for a shot showingf the knife from the side profile, then whatever interesting close-ups and details (of wood scales, blade markings, etc). Whatever you think is appropriate/cool, really! IF you have the ability to scan them and upload them to a webpage, then it owuld be even easier for me to "steal" them using the right mouse button, but I have access to scanning equipment, too, so no worries.
If you want to email anecdotes to me, too, then I will include them with whatever name you want me to use (i.e., Anonymous, real name, BFC handle...whatever).
I will take any and all pictures of any and all Madpoet knives, whether customs, kits, "production" (nothing was ever made from blanks by Mel...each knife was freehand), etc. Whatever you have I'll take it.
I'm uncomfortable posting my address in a public forum, so please email me and we'll work out shipping details, okay?

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We'll donate the server space for it should this become a reality.

Let me know, Chiro.


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