Interested in Statistics

Oct 3, 1998
I would like to know more about knife related crime injuries (or homicides) as
they compare to firearms.
It would also be nice to know what type knife was used in the crime or homicide.
Is there a resource for this information?
I would guess the proportion of firearm related crimes greatly exceed those involving knives.
I would also guess that the majority of injuries or homicides involving knives are caused by common kitchen utinsils like butcher knives.
Any thoughts ?
Knives and knives vs firearms ..... Zimring did a study back in 1968 I think, on the lethality of knives vs firearms using Chicago crime data, and it's evidently been replicated about five or so times since. I think that he compared number of wounds, location, size, etc., in the study. He has a book out, '...Lethal Violence in America', that you could look at for references, and I ran across an article of his in Scientific American a few years back on homicides and firearms in the US. For more general types of data look at the FBI's Uniform Crime Report, which is available online and is easily found, and the Bureau of Justice publications as they also have the Crime Victimization Survey as well as a lot of other studies on criminals, prisoners, injuries, homicides, weapons, etc. The CDC has reports/statistics which includes cutting and firearm mortality. Note that any of the references listed can be a lighting rod for criticism and even violent reactions in some circles, so be careful.
The rationale behind my search is to enlighten many of those who promote "tactical knives". It would amaze me if over 5% of the total forum population have sufficient training to employ a blade effectively in a hostile encounter.
The training and blade would have little affect if the assailant employed a cheapo "midnight special" .25 automatic.
These may be purchased for a fraction of the cost of the tactical knives promoted here, and from a far more immediate delivery system.
We share the same concern that certain groups of people could/will react negatively to the statistics in question.
This same group may also target "tactical knives" in the future if we keep promoting the fact that their intent is to damage flesh and be readily available for deployment.
Several decades ago a would-be senate candidate,a couple of movies and an uninformed populace created the negative stigma associated with automatic knives that still exists today. I doubt if decisions were based on actual statistics then.
Rather,I think emotions and an agressive minority ruled the scene.
That minority still exists today. It is even more fickle than it was decades ago, and unfortunately, more effective politically.
We owe it to ourselves to do a better job of self-policing our affection for knives.
We also need to continually educate that the tactical and effective use of knives is a product of romantic manipulation by the entertainment media.
It would be a great loss to learn that a member of the forum family lost his/her life by the choice of a knife for defense against a gun. As mentioned before, bad guys carry guns-not knives.
I will leave the statistical search alone. I do not want to be an alarmist, but I also do not wish to be a part of misinformation that could lead to serious injury of death to one who is romantically inclined.
These issues have haunted me for quite some time now. It's a relief to finally share them with others.
Later, Bill

I setup my news server to look for and download any articles that contain words like "knife, blade, etc..." about 30 in all, I get allot of crime stuff. I think it would be a good source of info your looking for.
I think Bill has presented some very valid points. How many of us could really react effectively in a defensive situation? How many of us put forward the training necessary? I do believe that eventually the Pinko Bedwetting liberals will attack our rights to own good knives just like they are trying to deny our right to own and employ firearms. I don't think changing our attitudes and advertizing is the answer. WHile in good taste a maker shouldn't advertise his products as hard-core flesh seperators, neither should he deny there application as a weapon. This is just giving up ground and making consessions to the Liberal Left-wing nut jobs.
In point of fact(pun intended), the common household screwdriver accounts for the majority of stabbings in America. Something like 55% if memory serves.
And, I can't speak for the others here, but I have the training, and practice to employ cutlery in whatever manner necessary. I would bet that about 40%+ of the ACTIVE members here have these skills, Hmmmmm maybe another thread here?

just my 2 cents.