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Interesting little Butterfly Pen Knife!

Mar 14, 1999
A Doctor I work with showed me this knife a few weeks ago. She said she's been carrying it all over the world for the last twenty years and never had a problem with it. She is pretty sure it was hand made in a small town in the Phillipines that is well known for knife making, but she doesn't know the name. Here are some pics, then more details!
<img src=http://members.aol.com/kingstan/pen.jpg>

<img src=http://members.aol.com/kingstan/pen2.jpg>

The overall length closed is 5", open 8". The blade is a thin weehawk shape, single edge just over 3" long. The handles appear to be aluminum and the upper part is the actual top of a Parker pen, with a spring still under the plunger. In fact, she says you have to give them an old pen to make the knife with. The handles do not lock in the open position but they do hold the blade very securely.
This is a very discreet little knife, and appears to be very well made considering it has apparently seen alot of use the last twenty years. Have any of you knife knuts seen one of these before? It was new to me!

Needless to say I have offered her various sums for it and she has refused them all. Some crap about "sentimental" value. I guess! I have a few knives I'm rather emotional over. Hmmmmmm, I think I had an old Parker pen laying around here somewhere!
She's gotta go home sometime, wish me luck!

"May you live in interesting times"

AKTI - A000389

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You might want to check out the other Bali Song thread going on now for more information on that town you mentioned.

Thanks for posting the pic.

I happen to have the brass version of this knife.

Hehehe.. I have one of those, and one with brass handles, too. These are pretty common where balisongs are sold.

As to the origin, chances are that small town she was referring to, is Batangas City. That's where most balisongs come from over here in the Philippines.

Cute and concealable, yep! Though more like a last-resort type of defensive blade. Blade is made of bearing steel, hence it rusts easily.
Though it could puncture a coin and still retain its point and edge.

Thanks for the input guys. I did go check out the other thread and found the info ya'll were talking about. Appreciate it!
I've had virtually the identical model for about 30 years. The blade is OK, the problem is the handle. Any serious pressure in any direction will bend it. I got mine as more of a collectors item than a user.
I recently bought a similiar knife on ebay for somewhere around $21-$25. It's made by Valor. The blade is made with 440 steel. Marked "Japan". It's all black (accept where the paint is wore off from use). I like this small pen knife, but the latch is not secured tightly when closed.